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BOT report - no action taken??

By KruzaKiwi#6664 April 09, 2018, 09:49:07

I reported a character using a BOT to farm lumber in bonta walls 2 weeks ago via Discord. I have had absolutely no feedback or acknowledgement that it's being looked into.
The BOT is still active and runs continuous loops around bonta walls. I'm going to name the character here because I'm a paying customer who is frustrated with the level of support and that the BOT is still active. If I don't get any acknowledgement I will be leaving the game. 
Character is Cephissus (tesfaye) 

Sorry, on Dodge server! 

Still no acknowledge or feedback and the BOT is still being used. Disappointed. Great customer service. 

4 weeks now and nothing still.. BOT still being used

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Yo encontré un bot en la mina de landas
#guest#737775327 (Zipy-Fron) está en Zona desconocida. 
Anda minando hace 2 días 24 horas al día 

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