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Living Items Issue with my Account

By Prince-of-Dragonstone June 02, 2018, 06:58:44

Hi Ankama,

some months ago I posted a couple of topics in Technical Reports hoping you could solve my problem. I can't use any type of living item, no Livitinem set, no Parasymbic set, no Alyverol set, no Shushivin set, no nothing. Because it can't be associated/dissociated to any object and I can't even feed it (disabled buttons). Also, how I spent my money buying this items in the Game shop with Goultines I can't even sell it because it's linked to my account since six months ago, then the full Alyverol set is useless garbage. Again, I'm begging you to give me a real solution because every time I contact to you always give me useless answers like .. wait a few weeks so you can associated/dissociated it or feed it... reach to your Community Manager just to he did answer me that my problem is an intended feature. Really?... and you never do something it works.

If it's impossible to a whole programmers team to check my request and figured it out what's going on with my account and fix it, then please give me the equivalent of Kamas for the Goultines I spent buying theses living items in the Game shop. It's the less you can do if you consider yourselves unable to give me a real solution.


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Never heard of an issue like this. Hopefully it gets fixed soon! =)

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Mine now i buy a set for like 2 weeks and i cnt still feed them pls teach me or fix it

Me too pls tell me how to fix this

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