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About reporting, warnings and bans.

By XritinDbag September 27, 2018, 16:46:58

Hello everyone , 
I would like to respectfully share some concerns of mine about Amanka's report and justice system. The Support , after giving me a non-helpful reply , advised me to share my issue here with the Community Helpers, and since Amanka Staff on Touch Discord haven't been helpful either , I might as well try one last time here.
I am a player in Dodge Server, leader of a well respected guild and alliance. So , I log in the other day  to see that I had gotten a warning about my or my guild´s name (which by the way was in french, and given that I don´t speak french and whoever managed that warning clearly didn´t care enough to check) and that in the third one I will be banned. My name was Dee-bag , my guild´s name is O R D E R. Thankfully at least the guild´s name wasn´t changed, but my name was changed to Doggy-bag (thanks again lovely person who managed this report for respectfully calling me shit). I used to have an acquaintance that had the nerve to create a champion called ¨Nigerian-Rapist¨ just to spam the recruitment channel with false ¨this guy scam me 100kk¨messages and even to him, you guys had the decency (after ofcourse someone reported him, cause no moderator actually cares about the names in game) to rename him in Steam-buns, something not offensive to him or to anyone.
Now, here are some thoughts.
Perceptor name : Do´uchebag
Npc name : Juss Tafinger , Herr Peece , Long John.
That Frigost quest about giving the ¨Adult Toys¨ to an npc in Astrub in Ice Dofus questline, after having gathered Tanukoui San´s Testicles and Soft Oak´s Stick.
Even the resource ¨Used Bwork Protection¨ aka a used filthy condom.
I am pretty sure that if look into it more , more things of this nature will pop up. And you are trying to tell me that my name , Dee-Bag or my guild´s name , O R D E R , deserves a warning and a ban ? When I ´ve never done anything Dofus Touch /wise illegal ? Changing it to Doggy-bag and practically forcing me to pay you to change it ? Just when we started Alliance wars in the server? We are letting the same people that reported me initially , have bots in Count and Treechnid forest, multiacc in AvAs using emulators and account sharing ,curse rage and flame constantly creating chaos in the whole server, and yet my , or my guild´s name is the problematic one. I can´t believe a self respecting company would do such a thing really, it made me lose whatever respect I had for you, after gladly giving you my money ever since Dofus 1.
I know I ´ve made some strong accusations about my fellow players in Dodge server, and I would gladly back them up with Screenshots, if you have the decency to investigate it further that is. And let´s not talk about the loophole on this insane naming rules you ´ve presented us when you are the ones violating them to begin with.

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Damn this is some serious stuff, didn't really noticed anything ingame, guess appearences can decieve. Ankama fell off the railwagon with this one.

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I have seen your name around Dodge, although Ive never played with you. In your story as I could not see how “Dee-bag” could be in any shape or form offensive. The composition of “ Dee-bag” doesn’t even mean anything.... at all. There’s a big difference between “ douche-bag” and Dee-bag” which it looks to me of what a poor ankama moderator with 1 grade english must not so smart got trolled.What gets me in this story story you tell is why they changed your name to “doggy-bag” which is an extremely offensive name to be used, i’m a muslim and i would even consider legal action if they changed my name this way. Why they also would change anyone’s name to this is beyond me ridiculous. Also considering that they have perceptor named “ D’ouchebag” is beyond me how ridiculous and poorly ankama is handling all of this. Damn ankama you really fked up on this one.

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Wow, this is a joke. It's frustrating to have Ankama be so blasé and put so little thought into their actions. 

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honestly doggy-bag sounds way more offensive than dee-bag xd

anyway to the point 
i dont know whats going with the moderators but they are banning a  lot lately in my server they are banning if you trade in the reclument channel 
they went mad with power or something and are just banning for little things  or ankama became more demanding regarding the rules 

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