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How to report multiaccount players

By jomi-pvp October 15, 2018, 19:37:29

When I started playing dofus touch one of the first things I readed was that multiaccount was forbidden, and playing with 2+ characters at the same time via android emulators in PC was prohibited too
But today I've seen a lot of people playing with 3 or 2 characters in koloseum (all of them with similar names and the same colors), others with 4-5 characters with the same colors getting all the  kitsu moobs and leaving nothing to the legal single account players. 

How's the procces to report them?
These people ruin the economy of the game and make the game fall in boredom like the pc version of dofus 

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Hi jomi-pvp,

You can report emulator users by following this guide. Thank you for your vigilance.

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