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Well, rest in pieces my eniripsa

By koeienpoep October 23, 2018, 10:00:36

My account has been hacked, what a coincidence, right after their Dofus site went down on Thursday. Suddenly my account, protected by Ankama Shield(which apparently does not do a thing for Dofus Touch), was hacked that sunday. I lost about 25mk worth of gear, which is really a lot for me and would set me back months. Now I just got back that mail, so excuse my language.
I've been a member of Dofus since so long, I've played back in Dofus 1.29, was thrilled to see Dofus Touch, but am sad to see that still Ankama doesn't seem to care about its community. You damn well bet I'm not buying anything anymore from Ankama.
I reported the matter to Ankama support in less than 2 hours after the hack happened. I gave them all the necessary information, the only answer I got was an automated message saying I needed to give more information(which I had already given). Of course I did the obvious thing, I copy-pasted my message and sent it again with some wording changes.
Only just now, Tuesday morning, I see that Ankama has given me an actual response. "Hey man, **** you! It was probably your own fault, you probably gave your account away or someone had access to a pc you were already logged into." 
To be honest, I have no idea what I can achieve with this thread, maybe get some people to get an authenticator. I tried getting the authenticator but it blocked me from doing so, apparently I can't have the shield and the authenticator at the same time. 
Anyways, congratz Ankama, on ruining a game for me. I have played as safely as I could, never shared any information, nor left my devices lying around like you so blatantly claim. 

Edit: To add to this, I've seen my gear on the market, the exact same stats, the same evening after I got hacked. I've told Ankama this, but they didn't do a single thing with that too.
On top of that, my account was accessed from France, and I can't remember even being in France for uhhmmmm, let me think, about my whole life. How could someone have accessed my account from a pc in France then? I also checked all of the logins from my emails, not a single login in there that was not me. 

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Hi koeienpoep,

Can you share with us the ticket number of your report?

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Thanks a lot for the fast response! #2244500 was my report ticket number.

In case of any misunderstanding, that was not their actual response, the response was an automated one saying it was probably my fault since I probably left my account logged in somewhere. I interpreted the response that way, since there wasn't even the least bit of sympathy in those responses.

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