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New update 18 June 2019

By Craftsman June 18, 2019, 17:23:34

Hello ankama and dofus players.

This update left me puzzled today, to say the least.
So I got a few questions, hoping to find answers from Ankama and perspective from my fellow dofus touch players.

1) Did anyone think it was weird with the sudden change of the tiredness bar colour from yellow to a weird red’ish colour for no reason at all?

2) Is this faster/slower moving of the monsters and players a permanent feature, or another bug?

3) my phone never overheated before, unless when playing with emulator players. Suddenly for no apparent reason, my phone overheats whenever the dofus app is activated. So far iphone and Android players seems to be greatly effected. Is this being worked on, or will the problem be solved by removing the new updates?
Seems 10 minute playtime before heat freezes app would kill dofus to me!

Hoping to return to a working dofus app as soon as possible, as it did before the update.

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