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Can't move maps to the left

By thimaster October 07, 2019, 14:43:54

I can't move to the map to the left.
up and down is fine, to the right is fine.
But when i try to move left, it loads for a sec, then my character walls a step back in the same map.
This is happening since i downloaded yesterday and I can't play properly.

Character name: Camelott
Server: Brutas
Android 9
Device: Motorola One Vision
How to reproduce: Try to go to the map to the left.

Ps: I think its a problem with the aspect ratio, since One Vision is xtra wide for horizontal scale.

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Is this an issue on every map or one/few specific maps? If it's the latter, it is most likely due to the map on the left having a structure on it's right side making it impossible for you to exist there, thus preventing you from changing the map to the left. Try moving left in a different spot to see if you can move past this "wall" on the other side.

I know that some maps let you attempt walk to them from sides, that are impossible to walk through meaning there isn't any valid spots to move left, thus ending with your character loading for a moment and stepping back every time you try to move there. Could be worth checking the maps to see if there are objects blocking the way to see if the issue lies within those.

Also, telling us the maps you are having this issue with can let others try to replicate this bug more precicely, potentially helping you find a solution before Ankama interference.

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error al cargar los mapas completamente, cada vez que ya e pasado como 3 mapas aproximadamente se queda la pantalla cargando es muy molesto arreglenlo porfavor gracias 

es muy molesto por que toca reinciar y conectarce nuevamente ya me e conectado mas de 50 veces en menos de una hora con este problema

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Comigo acontece o mesmo bug. Não consigo acessar nenhum mapa à esquerda; sempre que o personagem chega na borda esquerda do mapa, carrega por 2 segundos e o personagem volta da uns passos pra trás e continua no mesmo mapa. Consigo me mover para os mapas da direita, de cima e de baixo, mas não pra esquerda.

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Como você resolveu?

Alguém conseguiu resolver ?

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Dont slide, try tapping in the edge. I have the same problem//No deslizen el dedo, traten de tocar el borde asi como en el dofus normal de pc. Tengo eo mismo problema

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I have the same problem but with more all the windows are not moving nothing move I have a screen but I can't post it I don't understand this website you can't put pictures you can't do nothing

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