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Recovering a character

By October 18, 2019, 16:06:58

Good morning,

since Wednesday I contacted ankama support because I wanted to recover a deleted character. It was a sacrier lvl 125-135 (Can't remember the exact level). They replied they could help me and they tried to find that character in their database, unsuccessfully. I asked for a second search since I am pretty sure it must be in either of the two accounts I provided in the message. But I haven't received a response since 3 days. If I recover my sacrier, I promise to spend a good amount of gloutines in the game to buy a good gear, since it is the only way I could obtain kamas here in the states. 

Please, take a look at my new message. My ankama support ticket # is 2435008.


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Hi elpapuxterminioo,

Thanks for the ticket number. we've forwarded it to Support for checking.


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Thanks. [Pancho] helped me out!

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