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Banned for no reason at all!

By Baylence May 22, 2020, 18:00:41
Goodday everybody from across the Ankama Universe! 

Lately something has happened to me and I saw it fitting to report everyone about it, even though as Fiora says: this is "sensitive information" that should not be shared as policy.

My name is Bolivius, I am a lvl 200 player on the server Dodge of Dofus touch and 10 days ago I got perma banned for no reason at all. I know this gets said a lot but I assure you I have done nothing wrong. The story is as follows:

On my main account I have got 5 characters: Bolivius (iop), Rectifyable (sadi), Skidmarkz (sram), Epistra (enu) and Bloodrust (sac). On my iop I have got miner 100, sram lumberjack 100, enu fisherman 100. To fund the endgame set for my sadi (lvl 199) I had put my iop in Peki dungeon to collect ores there. I had done the same with my sram, he’s stationed at Secret holy bamboo room in Kitsune dungeon. Main reason for my sram being there is the lack of holy bamboo locations in game and the fact I’m not part of the dominant alliance in that specific area (I belong to a guild with the alliance SOL).  

So, 10 days ago I was done collecting ore and wood so I switched to my enu to go fishing for some unique ones, I’m sure everyone with the profession does so. After a daily server backup, I got disconnected, I thought nothing of it, this happens a lot. I relogged and went back to fishing. Upon entering a map at Sufokia (with the boat to alliance temple) I got disconnected once again. Yet, upon trying to relog I was greeted with a message saying: your account is banned?? Surely this must have been a mistake so I tried logging onto the dofus touch website to take a quick look, yet another message: your account has been permanently banned. I feel like I must emphasize here, that while I was fishing, I did not get any Captcha box to verify whether I was a bot or not. I was shocked! So, first thing I did was send in a ticket to Ankama support (#2598701), begging them to let me know what was going on. Yet due to covid19 their response time is longer than normal so no game time for me, I guess.

After one day I decided, filled with the feeling of wrong do and unfairness, to write a personal message to the international community manager of dofus touch: Flatops. I did so on my secondary account, which I barely play on. Of course, I know Ankama staff is busy now a days but still no reaction there.

Mind you! I am a loyal and long-time player, all progress I have made is all done legit and fair with hard time after time grinding sessions. I Do not use bot methods, I do not sell or buy Kama’s, nor do I multi account for the wrong reasons (hell, I don’t even multi account at all). I don’t send phishing links in game; I don’t scam people left or right, ever! Mostly I am a solo player, just doing his thing. Everyone that knows me on the server will tell you the same! IF Ankama has some evidence that shows otherwise, they are more than welcome to show it to everyone, from Brutas to Dodge and every server / game in between. 

Also, prior to this perma ban, I haven’t received any warnings about the potential accusations ankama staff would have on me, no warnings via ankabox, not via in game message, not via the email address associated with my account. The fact this perma ban came out of the blue is the thing that makes this situation all the more frustrating. 

These warnings are (at least in my eyes) highly important, otherwise legit players, like myself would be banned for no apparent or confirmed reason, without the possibility to state their case!  The following is described on the support page of Ankama:
Generally, a warning is received before a sanction. This is given to the player to inform them of the rule they have broken and to warn them that they're in danger of receiving a sanction is sent:
• Via Ankabox for offenses identified on the forum.
• Via email or directly in the game for offenses committed in the game.

And also described on the dofus touch forum, in a thread made by no one other than [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch dating back to June 09, 2017, 04:19:18 (assuming someone potentially reported me for botting):
A reminder to please provide the correct nickname of the bot, otherwise we will not be able to process your report correctly. Checks are made before banning, and there is no need to report real players. Any abuse of this system will be subjected to a permanent ban of our Discord server.

Now I don’t know about you, but taking my specific situation into consideration, and accepting this as truth (which it is!), it looks to me like Ankama isn’t able nor willing to follow their own protocols. =10.0pt=11.0ptLike I mentioned before, I am more of a solo player, but taking in to account what Ankama’s policies are, I am no push over either. I have come to value everything about my account, and although Dofus touch accounts remain property of Ankama (as stated in the Terms of Service) I am considering taking legal actions to ensure the survival of my account.

I am open for, and willing to, speak to any Ankama employee about this situation, without the interference op Ankama support and the need to file in more tickets. I have waited long enough for support to react to my initial ticket (update from Daidalon 8 days ago: apparently this case needs to be investigated by multiple departments and the investigation is on-going… yeah right). I know Covid19 is in play here, the new beta recently got released (for touch), many more players are submitting tickets and I am not the only one waiting for a reaction, but still… I figure it doesn’t need to take this long to confirm I am innocent of any accusations made to my name (of which I btw still don’t know what those are or may be).

If this can happen to me… who’s to say it won’t happen again in the future... or even worse, to any other faithful player out there? Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a plea for help anymore. This is an attempt to try and get you to see what kind of company Ankama is and what it does, or can do, to their most faithful players. =11.0ptIf anything, I would like to conclude this message saying: don’t take anything, you have worked so hard for to obtain, for granted. You just don’t know what kind of Ankama staff employee is online and has a bad hair day, didn’t get laid this morning or anything like that.

Yours sincerely,

Bolivius (Compadre)
Dodge international
Dofus touch.
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I was very sad to hear your case Boli!

It's quite tragic that they would misuse their power like that, but definitely not unheard of. What's always making it worse is that if you don't speak French, the English-speaking sector of Ankama's support system is by far less efficient than the French-speaking one. Speaking about a company that's been operating in the game-world for as long as they have, they could have certainly done something to better it by now. 

The bots are a problem to all servers that's a fact, and sadly, you were caught right in the middle of it. It's the second time I hear of a case like yours in Touch, the first one was to a friend of mine, that was mistaken for a bot because he was farming Dragon Pig non-stop and received a Permanent Ban on his two accounts. Unsurprisingly, his case remained unanswered by the support and he had to rebuild from scratch ( Which funnily enough, he did by farming Dragon Pig again, only this time Ban-free)
I myself have a similar story of their power misuse from a couple of years ago, and even did a forum much like you, again it was left unanswered. ( )

The problem is that the good things they do for their players are by far less than the bad things they do. I hear more people getting unfair punishments for things they allegedly did than people getting their items back after a breach in THEIR security systems. By that, I am not talking about the phishing links, but a legitimate hack out of nowhere.

If it was me that had to deal with PR of the company or monitoring the forums, I'd certainly try to find it in me to reply in your case. However that hardly ever happens. Who knows, maybe it's their policy to not reply when they mess up which would be kinda messed up, but understandable given that they mess up quite often.

Best of luck with your case, I hope you find the justice you seek and deserve! Do keep us posted! 

P.S. Looking forward to reading any Ankama's staff reply to this post, would certainly be interesting. 

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Dear Boli,

Im sorry you got permanently banned like this, I really hope you are okay!

Reading this case makes me angry, frustrated and also a bit scared if I may be so honest. Most of the players playing this game invest a lot of time, energy and sometimes even money in it! 
Imagine waking op, starting Dofus and get greeted by an "you are permanently banned" message. 
If this can happen to you, so it can happen to me...

The fact that this company doesn't follow their own policies makes very little sense to me, why would we do the same then? I think when you handle threats like this (see the message above from XritinDbag) by not replying or not even taken the audacity to look into it, as a company you are failing big time.

I hope Ankama reads this and is gonna follow the rules as they have set them out to be.

Best wishes and keep us posted! I am really curious if this one is also gonna slip their radar...

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They banned a guildie around 2 months ago for "fraud" when he put 1 digit wrong on his new bank card 
it took them over a month to sort it 
unfortunately ankama has so many players across so many servers, of witch they all speak different languages yet ankama doesnt have the staff to police/moderate this, their discord helpers are simply helpers and dont do much
any time their has been a problem on dodge and somebody attempts to contact fiora she simply says here is a link to submit a ticket

When they released the new shield update i had a shield i payed for as a mimi on a shield that gave 1% air res in pvm
when i contacted them their responses were very robot like and seemed to lack real understanding of English
i was simply asking if they could un-mimi my shield that was now of no use or if they could refund me a mimi

Their overall response time is a joke and the replies are even worse

They are banning long time loyal players yet all the botters and real theivs of the game are perfectly fine to run free

Hopefully they sort your account out soon but i am extremely doubtful, especially with them being as useless as they are

Vodz <3

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UPDATE: After a little more than a month and a half the issue is resolved and I've got my acc back. Other then a few items missing I had for sale on marketplace everything seems to be in order. I did get some form of compensation which I won't share for the sake of humility. Reason for the banning, and I quote "prohibited behavior", whatever tf that means. Long story short, still no exact and clear reason why this all happened in the first place but atleast I can play again.

Thank you all for supporting me and sharing your view on the matter, stay safe and happy gaming

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