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Why there is literarry 0 efort for fixing bots! Do we have to use hacks too ? is that what you want

By Senjo-Hitagi May 23, 2020, 14:55:08

It has been a year since i quited the game, recently wanted to come back and voala!

Bots are flowing in astrup, there is more bots in the server every morning more than the sands of astrup beach.

I know people can login with a lot of options but why there are no effort to fix these farming bots?! Should we use the bot on github so we can benefit too?

Bots are even farming keymaster dungeons questline so tell me what do you guys do to stop this?
Security level of this game is = 0

As a junior back end dev. even I have a lot of options to stop this bots why don't you recuit me ? I'll fix your game for you

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There are numerous efforts to combat bots in Dofus Touch, from multiple angles.
The moderation team actively sweeps the servers for bot activity, as a frontline measure. This always includes common hot spots, such as Astrub. If you encounter bots while playing Dofus Touch, you can report this kind of activity via the official Discord server. See here for more information.

The usage of bot software is strictly forbidden, and will result in a ban. The moderation team bans thousands of bots every day. I strongly suggest you don't attempt to use bots yourself.

The developers continue to work on anti bot measures, to prevent bots from functioning. This is a constant fight, since they are fighting dedicated bot software developers and corporate interests. Bots are a common issue in all MMORPG games, and Dofus Touch is no exception.