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Influx of Bots

By Onefifty July 18, 2020, 21:04:42

While running dopples for daily doploons, at Temple of Pandawa, I've seen hundreds of bots running through. I followed the sea of bots running from Temple of the Pandawa to 13,-7 (Madrestam Harbor), and back. At any moment in time the bots are running (presumably quest lines) and some one must be getting very rich. 

Your friend,

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Hi there, thanks for your message.

The bot issue is complex. The moderation team monitors the servers for bot activity, and key areas such as Astrub and Amakna are of course checked thoroughly. We'll continue this effort, and we appreciate feedback on potential new bot patterns smile

You can read more about the moderation team, and how to contact us, here:

The developers, meanwhile, continue to work on anti bot measures, to prevent bots from functioning. This is a constant fight, since they are fighting dedicated bot software developers and corporate interests. Bots are a common issue in all MMORPG games, and Dofus Touch is no exception.

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