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By Angel-Deamon#3606 May 03, 2021, 13:01:30
Good day

I know this issue has been raised numerous times, but I would like to find out if anything is going to be done about the bots on Dofus Touch, in the near future?

I have just started playing Dofus Touch and I am unable to complete some quests, namely fighting Dark and Celestial mobs in the starting area.... This is a massive put-off for players... I stand waiting for literally over an hour, waiting to hopefully click on the mob to attack it.

Look at the bots, waiting in line, all osas and all look exactly the same...

Please do something!
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First Ankama intervention
Hello guys,

Thank you for the feedback, we've taken note of them. Our team is aware of the issue, and as we've mentioned in our last missive, actions are being taken.

See message in context
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This is a sad situation. I hope Ankama read this and more important, try to do something against this. I've played for over a year aprox, but recently (some weeks ago) these characters (all  Osamodas and all are with the same anoying green color xD) are being created massively in order to get gold and resources (that is my theory, because they are programmed to do all the quest, level up, do dopeuls, claim the achivements, etc. Doing this you can make a lot of money, then you can transfer that gold to a "main account" or to sell these kamas for real money).

I repeat, this is a very sad situation, and it is obviously why the choice of selecting the Osamodas. You only have to max Gobball and this summon can defeat almost any dopeul and adversary itself very easily and the character doesn't have to do anything. Very straight forward to program this.

They area in all Astrub and Incarnam zones. I invite some of the Ankama team to connect for just a few minutes and if you go to the Bank in Astrub or Amakna, or in the Astrub Zaap, you'll start to see all these bots in line (the do the same things but with a little time delay between each other).

Hopefully the Ankama team can start thinking how to deal with this problem that can lead to Server problems (if it becomes "Full" again and new truly characters cannot be created because of the existing amount of Fake bot accounts, and also lag issues). I know is hard to know and to avoid doing this, however you should investigate this accounts. See if the characters involved have all the same IP and ban all the accounts related with that IP (looking for the elimination of the principal main account that is which is receiving all the benefits and probably is not an Osa character xD). Also, create an "Alert" if an account create an Osamoda and few seconds after another account create and Osa, and then another... . When this alert is genereted, a moderator or someone in your support team should investigate that event and check if this is a bot generating case or not. With an intelligent Alert system, a good Investigation team and process, and a proper "Punishment" this problem can start to be handled.

I know there is a post where via Discord you can report this issue, however, players that are new like the owner of this post probably don't know how to do it, or simply get dissapointed of this game and leave it. I hope Ankama makes a better effort...
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Hello guys,

Thank you for the feedback, we've taken note of them. Our team is aware of the issue, and as we've mentioned in our last missive, actions are being taken.

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This problem is beginning to stink now. Most ridicoulous is how dofus touch is sending automated responses to the real players, about how their connection is bad, and they should stop doing other stuff. When dofus touch app is the only one running, and the problem is NOT on the players end. It is ridicoulous when developers have their systems accuse the player of being at fault for what is without a doubt the game developers management and/or programming fault.

Stop this bot stink lagging up the only English server that is left
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I just returned to dofus touch again, less than one week playing, but OMG how pandawo gone so overpopulated of bots?

A few months ago this server was empty, resources everywhere, but now you barly can find some wood because there are bots running 24/7 and we, mortals, must fight with 3 to 6 bots and another 1 or 2 real players.

I really want to change the world to some empty world because I HATE to dispute for resources, but I don't know if there are empty wolrds and any way, Dofus Touch doesn't provide world change.

Please, fix that, i don't care for multi account players, but BOTS make our day some diddlydoo, we can't enjoy the game
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The funny thing is that they stopped reacting to bot reports in the game and just send you captchas when you still report bots. But they don’t captcha the bots.
One or two captchas in every beginner and daily quest and one captcha every 15-20 resource field and the bot problem would be solved.
Ankama knows this, many players begged for this but still ankama keeps punishing players and rewarding bot use.
It would be so easy to program and implement bot stops as mentioned, they just don’t want to do it.
But an imbalanced market means more players buying goultines... see a pattern there folks? I do.
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