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Need better memory optimization on android.

By Legendy-Sannin#1162 June 26, 2016, 08:46:58
I have a LG G4 Stylus, and I am a big fan of dofus, but the app on the store it's not compatible with my device, so I download the apk from the web and install it. Looks very good playable. But the game closes after some time. I guess need more memory optimization on android, especially on 1gb devices. And some elements look big. Need better U.I adjusts too.

I have tested on other smartphone ( galaxy on7)(1.5 gb ram ) and the game looks fine, don't closing anymore... But the Joris dialogues and other elements continues too big in 1280x720.
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Dofus-Touch is only being optimized to be playable on tablet at this time, not smartphones.
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In my opinion, the game could be scaled to smartphone resolution as well, however I know that's not their main purpose. I've tested it on my Moto G 2014 (720 x 1280) and it runs smoothly, but as Sannin says, most of the dialogues are as big as the screen (or maybe not xD but still big).
I hope that in the future, the Dofus Touch team may release a revision for smartphones, at least with better scaling and that would be awesome! Or we'll be forced to buy a tablet just for this game, haha.
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