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ip banned

By ipbanned#1161 July 04, 2016, 19:48:48
saw a article about dofus touch on reddit ...went to web page (here) and it let me sign up then download the game and as soon as i start it ...i get a ip ban !!! wtf never had a game do that to be before ...

but after  re- reading reddit i see loads there are also ip banned    can anyone explain whats going on as i see other in the new players forum here are also banned , the topic is up weeks no no answer from any one ??

cheers for any help and i let the peps in reddit know what going on here ....check the comments for others ip banned also

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I think its best for  u to Go tot the top of the page and press support and fill in a  ticket. There they  will help  u further.
Enjoy the game
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Hello. Can i use proxy from here -, to walk through the ban? Thank you.
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