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Quest Bugged Impossible to complete

By August 14, 2016, 18:49:22
Quest name: Don't let the cat out of the bag before the Horse 
it requests you to collect 11 hairs from first 11 classes of dofus, but the tool that's given by the quest to collect it is glitched when I click target with it  drops Error : Drag'n drop menu entry itself on the target cel or character
it doesn't drag from drag'n drop menu...
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DElivery Porblem got same problem... DO MODS EXIST IN DOFUS TOUCH? anyone reads these?
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Hey! I didn't understand the targeting mechanisms at first - I clicked on target, got the error message and got confused - but it works fine for me. When you click on target in the dropdown menu you must also drag the text, which transforms into the item, to the character. Now I often use this to heal up my buddy with potions. Hope it helps smile
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Okay drag and drop on charaters does not work target characters do not work i even put the scissors on the boxes on the right for easy access and still same error who exactly am i going to npc or people that are playing online and please dont say drag and drop to character because i know but doesn't work
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This works, but it is not intuitive. Here is how to do this:

Open your inventory and select the item to bring it up on the menu. Tap the 'Action' button. Tap and physically drag the word 'Target' and drop it on what you are actually targeting, and release it on the intended target. You should see the item moving while you are dragging away from the word 'Target'.
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Hablando de misiones imposibles; me encuentro con una receta del "tinte naranja sanguina" para la misión "Esquilado Apurado" (misión de Monte Nula), y pues, en la receta se detalla que necesitas x10 sangres de jalató. Siendo, que en la última actualización la sangre ya no existe, o en cuanto a mí no la he visto, ni se muestra en drops del bestiario. Ojalá se pueda modificar la receta, ya que resulta imposible fabricarla.
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