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Strength characters, who is best?

By Skittle5#7901 February 20, 2017, 05:10:23
Who is the best solo pvm strength character for all levels?
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Iop, Sadida, Sram. Pandawa offers the  most utility and overall usefulness but strength is outclassed by Chance. 
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The who is better then strength? If chance is better whose the best with chance?
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I simply meant that Chance Pandawa is better than Strength Pandawa. Though if you do choose Pandawa I would ultimately hybridize into either Chance/Intelligence or Strength/Intelligence though I myself played an Omni build for a long time. Iop is going to do more damage as strength than any other character. Sram after that. Sadida is very versatile and has dolls to keep enemies at bay while you hit them with brambles. They also have a very large AOE spell at their disposal. You could also choose Ecaflip for strength because they deal a ton of damage like Srams and Iops. I never did like the random abilities they had though.
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