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Why is so hard to lvl on this game?

By wilbeast#9946 April 02, 2018, 10:54:42
I have been playing for a week and every thing was ok till i hit lvl 50. I started to see that the mobs on my lvl were to strong for me and they had more hp, mp, ap than me they were like bosses. I got killed abunch of times but, still monsters with 20 lvl lower than me was giving me problems i had to rest in every single battle. But the worst thing is the xp... i spend like 8 min to kill 2 to 3 strong mobs that will give almost the same amount of xp than the low lvl mobs. Is getting really annoying  to be killing piwi in incarn because why kill any thing else when is not worth killing. Not even the aracne give more xp. I heard that this was a new update that the developers did for the new players so they can learn theyr class right. What new player when they will unistal because is borring killing the same mobs over and over not been capable of doing a dungeon at his lvl. Ppl will tell me oh ask for help... pls ppl dont help here for free. So how do you expect to play this with out any help with weak character that any mob at your lvl is like a boss? I have spent like 30 dollar i bought the starter pack and some gems and still no good xp. Pls some one tell me what to do because im getting really bored killing piwi. 

fix this because i see the potential but... hell na i will not spent a dollar more untill they fix this.
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Veo que eres de Brutas, créeme ahora es muy fácil subir comparado a las versiones  anteriores, agregarme y te asesoró in-game Kriss-Kraz
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It's like this for all levels, a level 150 mob is stronger than a level 150 character that's why if we're playing solo we go for level 90-100 mob groups, but you can make parties of 8 people and can beat groups of 4-5 mobs of your level normally, and this is done mostly in guild or alliance parties. The other parties usually have 1 to 3 very high level characters and the rest are turn passing wisdom characters and may or may not demand kamas and personally I don't like this kind of thing.
​​​​​​I think at your level you will want to look for lousy pig parties, these ones are usually created by people of similar skill to yours and are generally don't benefit the more experienced players who like to take advantage of the less experienced ones. That or you could find a guild of your level and do something with the guildmates.
When higher skilled players make an alt and level them up to level 50 usually they make them equip a wisdom set and take them to frigost island for powerleveling, it's the fast way to level up but these people usually prepare their future sets for when they reach the level they want so if you decide to do this you will find yourself at a high level with no kamas to buy a set of your level.
See what you want to do.
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Ty for the tip jiggmin but the thing is i joined a guild and no help. The thing is that is borring to keep on killing same low lvl mobs because your character is so much weaker than the enemie at your lvl. They need to fix that because is really annoying to be fighting and kill a mob at your lvl that give so much work to do and then the xp is garbage,  you will be like is not rewarding to do so. So i will be killing piwi all my life because the only thing that give good xp and is easy to kill. They need to change that men!. I love tactics game but come on im a solo player i like to learn the game little by little but killing piwi for 1 week and see that nothing alse is worth killing. That is a buzz kill. I made like 4 tipes of character and is all the same is hard as hell. The sacrier is the only one that can solo things but that class is borring and take time to kill any thing because you need to get hit.

Sebbasb mera pues dime que cara tengo que aser por que mano esto esta aburiendo mano y me gusta el juego pero nose se me esta asiendo un aburrimiento. Estoy siguiendo tutoriales de youtube pero mano estan locos esa mierda no es facil como dicen, estan mal mano. Este dificil los mobs que son de tu lvl estan muy dificil mano que si se mueven como 8 espacios mano que es eso? Uno no puede aser estrategias asi. Eso es que esperan que uno este bien lvl alto y con grupo pa aser algo. Y mano en este server no ayudan y son bien esmayao todo es kama mera mano yo le meto chavos ami no me importa los kamas ami lo que no me gusta es esa mierda que uno no puede subir de nivel desente mente matando mobs. Por que las misiones son basura. Nada de xp y nada que te den que valga lapena todo es creeando y mano tu sabes lo ridiculamente duro que es subir eso? So que diatre esperan de uno si los sets ahy que creearlos ni siquiera uno puede farmear los y sentir que logro algo sino vas a tener que veder los materiales que conseguistes por pal de kamas pa poder conprar el set en la tienda que va asalir mucho mas de lo que vendes eso. Esa mierda esta mal o sino pedir que alguien te lo aga con tus materiales y te quieren cobrar por aser lo. Sabes estan mal el juego es kamas y kamas y los que empiezan que no entienden el systema loco que tiene el juego y bum se aboresen de la vida. Ve i trata de minar pa que vea que cosa mas demoniaca esa, la mina llena de gente y los recursos se tardan un monton en que aparescan y lo lento que se tarda en subir el nivel. Eso esta espantoso. Enverdad se pasaron con eso. Yo le meti dinero al juego y lo que ago es gastando gemas pa comprar por que enverdad esta ridiculo. Pero para nada por que ni comprando ropas brega. Sigo siendo una basura. No entiendo que debo aser que subirle y los forum diciendome que suba esto y esto pero no ago buen dano. Y maldita gente que ase videos tutoriales que dicen al esto y esto y no explica que diatre debes comprar antes de entrar sabiendo que te van a violar la madre si entras a los lugares que te dicen. Si puedes decirme que deberia acer lo agradeceria.
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yooo Wilbeast what server are u in? Dodge? if so add so-sa or Jacques-Mesrine im around ur lvl I xp a lot with friends from our lvl too u can get xp nd its fun soo don't worry I will help u I came from server grandpa was lvl 200 there now I switched to dodge because its way more populated
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Im on brutas server. 
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What mobs are you hunting? Also depends on Class some are better soloing than other. Some areas get repetitive overtime. I am fine soloing. I am currently lvl 89 lvling in a 35 area. I choose mobs that have 3 or 4. With the monthly bonus I get 125k-240k exp depending on size of mob and stars. I am also farming and making KK at the same time. A lot of people just frig grind.
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how to join in a server
im in from the philippines
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Hey wilbeast, what character are you playing? With this info we can better help you.
Where to level depends on your class and your current equipment.

You might also want to join the discord servers, people are very helpful there.
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It is not difficult friend, what you lack is knowledge about the areas to which you could go and perfectly level up, even if you do not want to form groups you can level up by yourself doing the mission lines between her "master of the keys "That at low levels to 100, in addition to leaving a lot of xp, it leaves a good amount of kk
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