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Who to be?

By Skittle5#7901 April 22, 2018, 17:54:20
Are you looking for a character that has medium to long or short range capability but that has a good survivability. It doesn't matter what elements are used I will work with anything just trying to find one that would be good at beginning and endgame. The character has to be able to be soloed for as long as possible. Any advice or tips would help.
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A sacrier is a good option, you can lvl alone (and even lvl up in kanus with people if its a chance sacrier).
Other option is a chance eni, good damage at medium range, has sustain and when you get bored you could make it a int eni.
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i atm with sacrier chance... however i switch to cra because of easier to farm proffesion.. tho i'm not sure if there's resource protector in this game
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I decided to go with a sec, but I have leveled but dissolution and the fire spells so far thus is working great for me because I am using a damage set on top of this.
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