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Stuck on Moon Island

By Kenteuno12 November 01, 2018, 02:20:47

As the title says, I'm stuck on Moon Island, I'm not sure how to leave it, I've never actually ventured this deeply into the lands of dofus before, and I would like any help that's available.

Also, if i posted this on the wrong location, I apologize this is also my very first post in the forums, so woot woot for that...

If I need to provide any other relevant info, I guess keep me posted? 

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Well, there are a couple of ways to get away from areas you've ventured into. Simplest way is to just die in a fight, this will take you to the zaap you saved last (or your class statue if no zaap is saved), but will not work if you have saved at the zaap in the area you're trying to get out of or if you run out of energy and ghost. Then again, you could just use the zaap to teleport away to any other zaap you've visited.

There are also different kinds of teleport potions that let you teleport to certain areas, the ones mostly used are Recall (teleports to last saved zaap like dying) and Bontarian & Brakmarian potions (teleports to the militia of the city of which potion you used). you can easily buy these potions for a few kamas in the player market. You can also get another player to tp you to a dungeon in a different area to leave.

Hope this helps.

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