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Problem with the Hunter profession

By Adevyn May 07, 2019, 15:37:21

Hey guys,

TLDR: Where can i get Temporal Powder as a lvl 21 newbie, is there something that drops it at this level?

Just started few day ago and decided to with hunter/butcher.
Following the wiki found what and how i need to kill for meat, but when i triet to proceed(preserve it)
i need TEMPORAL POWDER(and a lot of them, becasue its needed for every single meat).
Wiki said grocery store...nope. There is just milk.
After another long search session i found a well hidden forum post about it got changed in a patch not long ago, and its a drop now.(with a ~20% rate?).
Its already seemed a little off to me because there is already a "rate gate" for the meat itself, why add another one?
Especially with a low rate like that when we need a lot of them(a guide said ~190 meat for the first 10 lvl)

But... cant do much about it if thats how it is, so i searched for what mobs drop it near my level, and thats where i got the last slap and got a little lost,
it said its dropped from a single mob(type), namely Dark Baker, but these are lvl 35-47 it says.
But we need these powders for our professions from lvl 1.

While a baker just grinds down the grains and poof, bread.
At this point i just hope the changes are still new and the wikis just didnt get actualized. ^^"

So what i'd like to ask:
-We seriously can only het this powder from this mob and only at these level?
-Is there some way? Where and how can i level my profession?
(Im only lvl 23 so i cant take them down and even if i barely could, i would need a good ~190 drop with ~20% rates (and all of this after the meat %rates)

Thanks to everyone who read it through, im a profession kinda guy in every mmo,
its part of the journey for me to level it with myself but with these requirements it seems near impossible. sad
(at least at a lower level).

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Hey brother it took me forevwr to figure it out but its farmers that gotta grind it. Geta farmer/baker/alchemist. You gonna need the bakers yeast too. 

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Look Kraft FeRmer (2 Slots ). Flax flower+water

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