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Best set for low levels?

By hltththief August 22, 2019, 00:22:03

Hi, I'm playing with a friend (I have a Sacrier and he has a Feca, so we can play duo), and I was wondering what's the best set for levels below 60. I've picked up parts of the Adventurer Set as well as the Gobball Set but is it worth it to farm those sets instead of leveling in mobs that give more exp? (or are those mobs good enough to level and farm). Also, should I worry about what set is better? I currently have Adv and Gobball. Some people say Adv for the wisdom, but Gobball let you kill mobs faster or kill higher level mobs.

Any leveling advice in general is appreciated.
I'm level 35.

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You left out some key bits of info but I'll try to be as comprehensive as I can without being too build specific.

Since sacs get all dmg potential from dmg taken you should boost wisdom or vit. One or the other, not both!  Eventually ,however,  you will reset your stats in favor of all characteristics into vit. Personally, I like chance or agi builds for sac.  1/2 crits can be incredibly effective for agi. Cha has the ability to life steal and reduces the need for further heals from a secondary character.

With feca being the friends character intell will be a primary stat.  This will allow for more heals and longer life of your sac.

As for sets, wis maged adv gear is fantastic but you're almost to prespic.  For your friend, intell gob is a good choice but dont spend too much on it.  You guys will lvl out of those sets quickly.
A little later on once you switch to all vit you can change your set to focus on maximizing vit and dodge/lock. Wa wabbit set comes to mind here with emerald and ginger dragoturkey.  Go for ancestral set at 114.
Red scara filled with fire kwak or morello blop and red scara are both historically solid sets for the feca but again dont waste kamas on much at this level because you'll grow out of it rapidly.   Feudala at 98 is another solid choice.

For exp you can go with the classic areas of scara plains or treechnid forest.  I suggest treechnids as you can sell almost everything there to fund your sets.  Beyond that is cania plains, lousy pigs, or even leeching at frigost (once you hit 50).  Realistically tho it's all up to what you value as efficiently earning the most exp per time compared to the kamas gained.

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Hi, hltththeif,

To add onto what MorbidAngelus mentioned about sets - a cawwot dofus is your best friend (apart from your feca friend) that will help you level. The mobs on cawwot island aggro, that means you get exp as you go for the cawwot dofus (bonus! two things at once).

Your friend, the feca, and yourself the scarier can easily do these mobs with a bit of strategy. wink

Good luck, 

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