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Making kamas with farmer/baker?

By l1i2l3i45#8501 December 06, 2019, 12:57:07
So I've read plenty that farmer and baker is a good profession for making early kamas. But with the prices of bakers yeast and water on Dodge... Wholewheat doesnt yield any profits. Should u go for a different profession or am i doing something wrong? 
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You really have to farm everything to make a profit now which unfortunately takes a lot of time.  
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I believe I am on Grandapan and started all my characters on this server back in 2017. With the server being quite more active now than ever, my lv. 100 farmer and lv. 100 baker are potent money machines. I would suggest throwing a Alchemist in the mix of professions so as to bundle magical cures and buckets o' water to create Yeasts. This is an added hassle due to the nature of the unforgiving market pricing.

My goal is to drive the prices in the bread market down slowly and over time I hope this will help others make up their minds about a sustainable yeast price as it is currently 10.000K for a mere batch of x100. That is unreasonable for anyone trying to start off. This is exacerbated by the fact that wholewheat bread batches reaching all-time miseries of 30.000K for a mere x100. That is undesirable for newbies that need 50HP per serving to fend off mobs and collect prospected materials. Again, bad for the economy.

I'm going to try using all the stores I have of every grain in order that the harvest for all professionals becomes less strenuous and creates a payoff. I had pre-calculated my batches to be in the tens of hundreds of x100 so to do a ton of breadmaking for Tahde bread recipes, Que Leuire bread, and down to Cereal bread and so forth. Making the competition pay up in the short term will prevent Pay-to-Winners from damaging the circuit of breadwinners that thrive on responsible journeymen in The World of Twelve!
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