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Why is gobball set lvl 40? Why do gobballs have 400 hp? What happened?

By ZeusOTC#7149 August 01, 2020, 05:28:16
I just got my gf to download the game and play and we got promptly swept by a gobball which would have been easy pickens. Not to mention adv set is lvl 9, all the low level sets are now I. The 30s and 40s. What happened to the early game? This was embarrassing, dont really want to play now
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I have no idea... I had the same reaction and the sad thing is that there is no explanation anywhere whatsoever...
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I was surprised when I realised too - but it's quicker to level now with the bonus packs and at 70 it's nice that Gobbs are still an option tbh!
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