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Transfer character from DOFUS?

By IcYLam#9486 January 12, 2021, 15:06:01
I used to play DOFUS like over 10 years ago. I have a good few lvl 200 characters. I recently spiked interest back with DOFUS touch. Is there a way to transfer my characters to `DOFUS touch? Thanks
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The spells and other mechanics are so different between PC Dofus and Dofus Touch now that I don't think they're compatible at all. Even if your characters sat on the PC servers untouched for over ten years it would not be able to translate into the structure of Touch.
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Hi there,

There is no way to transfer characters from Dofus PC to Dofus Touch, as they are not actually the same game.

MrDSire's assessment is correct. Dofus Touch was built on the foundation of an older version of Dofus PC, such that there was never actually parity between the two versions. Dofus Touch has since taken a substantially different development path, with many different features and underlying mechanics.
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