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Dark Tofu for Full Quiver Quest

By StealthmanArcher#4365 February 01, 2021, 06:28:10
Hi, maybe this is idiotic, but I cannot figure out how to fight the Dark Tofu in order to get the Dark Tofu Feather for the Full Quiver quest. When I talk to the man standing in front he says I need a box of badges? I can't seem to find any information on how to get that? Any help with completing this quest would be much appreciated! And maybe this is an obvious answer I'm just failing to see, but help me out! Thank you in advance. <3
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go to astrub and search for a chest then you can find a super level scroll which can level you up without taking the risks

note: i you`re a new player can i meet you at the celestial tofu lair coz im a steamer lvl. 200
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There's two other possibilities: There's a questline in Incaram you need to follow that eventually leads to the lairs so if you haven't reached that step yet you may want to go back and do others in the area. If you are up to the lairs step then you might be trying to start at the wrong one. I can't remember which is the first offhand but the quest wants you to start at the lowest level one and work your way up, and if you have the lairs quest active that's where you'll get the box of badges.
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Try to level up by doing the rest of the missions in incarman, in some of them you will get the insignia box since it is an object with which the rest of the missions are done, if you still have problems you can simply buy a dark tofu badges market market
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