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No drop at the end of a fight

By -Mavis-#9662 May 25, 2021, 10:49:51
Hi, I'm new in dofus touch ( I play Dofus and Wakfu), I have a chanche Enutrof with 111 prospecting and at the end of a fight there is no drop. I've done various group of 6 piwis in Astrub an if I'm very lucky I can get 1 berry or 1 feather.
Do the drop in Dofus Touch work differently or am I doing something wrong?
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When you click on a group of monsters, you can notice there are two lines of stars: the first line of stars represent bonus % xp/drop for that fight; a yellow star is +20% xp/drop, and orange star is +40% xp/drop. The second line of stars adds the same bonus, but only for players with an active bonus pack.

All players start with a base of 100 prospecting. You can improve it with gear, candies, or chance characteristic (10 chance = 1 pp). So to improve your drop, it is better to buy a bonus pack, get good prospecting gear (+150 pp is good for that kind of drop), and look for monsters with decent amount of stars.
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