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How do i get the Trophy Royal Gobball Shield?

By ikamtloboJ#2884 June 14, 2021, 03:21:07
I want to have the trophyshield of the royal gobball but I just don’t know how. Killed him with all challenges, got all achievements but I still don’t get the shield.
Do i need a specific quest or kill him in an event?
Please help me, I really badly want that shield.

It also would be interesting to know how to get the dungeon boss trophy shields in general. I saw that for example that also nelwyn and koolich should give trophy shields.
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I believe they are give on specific events like dungeon rusher, it was the same for all the other boss shields
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Yeah, thanks. I already read through everything i could find, seems like it really just was one dungeon rusher 2017 or so. Sadly
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