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looking for english guild in any server

By alluraprice#6637 November 12, 2022, 05:40:34
im looking for an english guild, i started on server brutas but everyone speak spanish there wich im not good at, so i found out that dodge is a full english server and i tryed moving in but it looks super weird there, many ppl running around and a loud spam of level up sounds in incarman, im pretty sure it is full of bots and i haven't seen a single person talking.
well now ill look for a guild before think in change server again, i like to play eniripsa, if i have to make a new character in another server it's ok just help me get to lv 36 and ill be fine, looking forward to make new friends
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Hello ! Feel free to join Unravel!
Unravel is an active of 12 members and we just all hanging around, where our leader is a pvp maniac ^.^ Hit me up in game ! The name is Menifest !

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