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Hello I'm new and looking for a Guild to guide me.

By Boilermaker June 15, 2016, 22:11:02

As title says I'm new to this MMO. Never played the original version. But I a have played Ragnarok Online MMO for many years in the past so I'm quick to learn. I'm from Canada.

So far I'm level 28, agility CRA, Fisherman. still in incarnam, just finished all quests, I'm nervous about going to the main world without help. Haha.

msg me here or ingame thanks.

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Hi there! Project is currently recruiting English speaking members and we'd love to have you. You can find out more about us below:

Website -
English Discord:

You didn't leave your in-game name, but you can get in touch with us above, or message Kyr, Bef, or any member currently online for an invite. 

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hey id like to join this guild my ign is Sinbad 

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