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Important News For Your Beloved Goultine Packs!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - November 29, 2022, 14:00:00
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We find ourselves in a period of change for DOFUS Touch. Following the replacement of Incarnam by Albuera, the new tutorial area that guides novice adventurers through their first steps in the game, another significant change has just been completed. Read on to learn about our new system of Goultine Packs!

Driven by our tireless passion to keep improving your DOFUS Touch experience, we've decided to update our system of Goultine Packs. But don't panic! Above all, our goal here is to maximize their usefulness and to make them more helpful in every way for our dedicated players!

Fewer, but better!

As a first step, and to make them easier to use, we've reduced the number of goultine packs from 8 to 6. In so doing, we're eliminating the "intermediate" packs whose primary practical purpose, to be perfectly honest, was to acquire certain items like the class change potion. That potion will now be available for purchase in euros instead of goultines.


We just love spoiling you…

As you might have guessed, this overhaul also comes with a few benefits! You'll receive about 15% additional goultines on your first purchase of each pack. This offer is valid even if you've already purchased one of our Goultine Packs in the past, but it's not retroactive: you'll have to buy these packs again in their new formats to enjoy these benefits.

1,100 Goultines
+100 bonus goultines
3,000 Goultines
+250 bonus goultines
6,400 Goultines
+600 bonus goultines
13,500 Goultines
+1,500 bonus goultines
36,000 Goultines
+4,000 bonus goultines
76,500 Goultines
+8,500 bonus goultines


Visual updates too!

To cap off these changes and to provide you with a totally fresh experience, we've also decided to update the visual aspect of these packs. The makeover is complete! You'll now enjoy fresh, modern visuals that are different for each pack. Say goodbye to the same old look for every pack!

We really hope you'll appreciate this new take on Goultine Packs, and we can't wait to hear your feedback!

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Poderia ter a opção troca de goutinas por kamas
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this is horrible, the price went up for the same amount of goultines and they masked it as a good thing

It seems to be a bug that showed me a much higher value for goultines than the true price, but now it seems to have normalized.
If that's really it, then it was a good job
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Deveriam realmente colocar a economia para circular GOUL X KAMAS e KAMAS X GOUL.
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