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Spotlight on Jinzo, the Winning Team of All Star Touch #2

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - December 05, 2022, 15:00:00

It's been almost a month since the end of All Star Touch #2, the interserver tournament. Now we're putting a spotlight on the winners – Megure, Zlatan, and Marthys – who agreed to answer our questions!

Focus sur : les Maîtres des Abîmes DOFUS Touch

Who are you in the game? How long have you been playing?

Megure: I'm Megure, formerly Heishin. I started out on Terra Cogita but ended up on Herdegrize. I started playing DOFUS for PC in about 2009 and then DOFUS Touch as soon as it came out. I started the game without dabbling in the PvP aspect, but when I took a liking to Perceptor attacks, those were my first steps into the PvP world!!

Zlatan: I'm Zlatan, a player on Herdegrize! I first started playing DOFUS in about 2006, when I was in junior high, and I was drawn to PvP quite early on! I already tried to do my best in every PvP fight. After a break from the game, I took it up again when DOFUS Touch was released. Little by little, I progressed without rushing XP, because I always wanted to keep decent optimization so I could do PvP throughout my progression. I also discovered all the PvM content that I'd never experienced on PC – especially Frigost, which let me optimize myself as a Sram. Once I reached level 200, I started to get more involved in the server, especially with my guild, which played an important role in the alliance wars. That was until the first interserver tournament was launched, when I started to step back and focus entirely on the game's PvP aspect.

Marthys: I started out on DOFUS for PC thanks to my older brother (Megure) who encouraged me to play with him back in 2009. I did a little PvP here and there on DOFUS for PC without really taking part in any big tournaments. When DOFUS Touch was released, it was a brand-new game for me to do all over again. It was time for Megure and I to start over by focusing just on PvP. I started with my Rogue, "Kepurah", because I wanted to progress with this class. Then, I moved onto my Sacrier, "Marthys", whom I loved to fight Perceptors with alongside my guild members, as well as farm kanigloos!

What is your track record in PvP?

Megure: I took part in all the DOFUS Touch interserver tournaments with Marthys; we qualified for the final phases of the first Abyss Joust and even reached the final of the second event. For us, it was payback when we finally won an interserver tournament in this second All Star Touch competition. Other than that, at the interserver level, we were the first ones to get the Battler Shield V2 after four tournament wins.

Zlatan: Probably the best track record in DOFUS Touch right now. When it comes to interserver, I've been God of the Arena four times and won many tournaments. In interserver tournaments, I've been on the podium three times (3rd in the 2019 All Star Touch, finalist in the 2021 Abyss Joust, and winner of the 2022 All Star Touch 2).

Marthys: My entire track record has been with Megure by my side. In the very first tournament we took part in, we didn't yet know what our level was, and we thought we'd get slaughtered. We went on to win, and we didn't want to stop there! Next, we won the qualifying tournament for AST 1 and two others on Terra Cogita. We also took part in the Abyss Joust 2, where we reached the final with Megure and Zlatan. After that, we wanted to win this All Star Touch #2.

How was All Star Touch 2 for you?

Megure: The format of All Star Touch #2 was really challenging. The pace was quite fast on match days, and the slightest mistake could knock us out of the tournament. But there were also days outside of the matches. I don't think there was a single day where we didn't discuss the draft or how to do better, or where we didn't think about the right method. And it wasn't easy, because as we know, when we win, everything's fine, but when we lose, even when training, it's still difficult. After several weeks of problem solving and hours of training as soon as we could, or chatting to optimize the drafts, we managed to come to an agreement. Well, yes – spectators only see the matches. But behind it all are loads of hours of training, trial and error, experimentation, readjustment, and turn optimization. Ultimately, we are all glad to have taken part in this adventure, and these moments full of emotion and happiness are indescribable.

Zlatan: Rather smooth and with a really happy ending, which I'm obviously delighted with. After we lost in the final of the Abyss Joust last year, the goal was simple: We came back to win! The goal was achieved, and personally, I really enjoyed the format where the matches were condensed into a short time – we only had to keep a weekend free.

Marthys: In two phases: The first qualification phase was on our own server, Herdegrize, which went rather smoothly, whereas the second phase, when integrating our characters on the tournament server, was more complex. The game and the vision seemed really different, the blows were much harder, and it wasn't possible to overcome the shortcomings of a set with smithmagic. I was losing all my matches during my first training sessions. I really misjudged my own strength and my opponents'. I had to adapt and train very hard to get back on track, which is what our whole team did.

What do you think made the difference for you to win this competition?

Megure: It was the hours of training and analyzing the drafts. We studied all the drafts that our opponents had already done so we could optimize ours; that way, they could ban what we weren't interested in, and we forced them to play classes they couldn't handle that well. For example, we stopped one team from playing Feca, a class that brought it to 3rd place in the Terra Cogita qualification phases.

Zlatan: It took a little bit of everything – experience, talent, concentration, hard work, and also some luck in the final, when we were on the verge of losing. Winning this final was much more difficult than expected. But we gave it our all, and for hours on end, we forced ourselves to look for an opportunity or a solution so we could win. We made it. Generally, the rest of the tournament was handled smoothly and unhesitatingly. Despite two great teams from the Terra Cogita server that were really ambitious, we managed to remain focused.

Marthys: I'd say experience, training, and mental focus. We managed to turn some tough situations around because we didn't give up – from the first day of training when we had to get on track, to the last seconds of the final when our opponents pushed us to our limits.

What advice would you give players who want to start doing PvP in DOFUS Touch?

Megure: I would encourage all players – no matter what level, no matter what their in-game experience is – to get into the world of PvP. Whether it's the Kolossium, alliances, Perceptors, or tournaments, you should definitely go for it. You've got nothing to lose by entering a tournament. And who knows? Maybe you'll be the next AST champion.

Zlatan: Don't hesitate for a second; PvP provides sensations in DOFUS Touch that are quite different from other activities. To perform in PvP, I don't think there's any point in having multiple characters. Take the character you like, and try to get equipment that matches their level. No matter what the fight is, you shouldn't give up, and you should always try your best – that's how you'll progress. Every fight is a problem you must solve. 

Marthys: I'd recommend watching PvP videos and tournament streams first of all. Absolutely don't hesitate to ask questions in the YouTube chat/comments to progress as much as you can. Don't try to cut corners in your progress, and make sure you have a good handle on your class when you start doing PvP. Try to play with regular players and progress alongside others, and don't forget to communicate within the team.

Any parting words?

Megure: First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who took part in this AST#2, because the tournament wouldn't have been so great without them. The competition was incredibly tough, and as the saying goes, "The tougher the fight, the more glorious the triumph". And jeez, the fight was tough!! I'd also like to thank all the spectators, as well as the streamers, who did a fantastic job, not to mention the referees, the organizers, and of course, a big thank you to Wyze and the whole Ankama team for this incredible tournament.

Zlatan: I think I've done enough talking, so I'll just congratulate my IRL loved ones who put up with my disappearing acts whenever there's a tournament on. I'd also like to thank all my IG friends, my guild Jrxr, E X T I N C T I O N, and all the players I met, fought, or chatted with, as well as those I played alongside. It's also thanks to them that I managed to win All Star Touch and all the other tournaments prior to it. Enjoy the game, everyone, and long live Herdegrize and DOFUS Touch! 

Marthys: I want to thank everyone who supported us! Loads of people were there for us, and we really liked it! Also, a big thank you my two great teammates, Megure and Zlatan, who were excellent throughout the tournament. A little shoutout for my YouTube channel, Jinzo DT, also on Twitch to comment on tournaments when I'm not taking part! Feel free to come ask questions, especially if you're new to PvP. Thank you to the Ankama staff, the whole team who organized the AST tournament, and our streamers who lasted more than 10 hours for the semifinals and final! 

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