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[SHOP] Free Kwismas Pet Mystery Boxes!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - December 20, 2022, 14:00:00
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Prez' Doh'bivalent, Pikip, Aispik, Storf and Scrabrrrt Ring: they've all come together for the holidays in the Kwismas Pet Mystery Box! At a time of the year when many creatures opt for hibernation, these pets prefer to seek out the warmth of your home. And what do you get in exchange? A healthy dose of love, and a companion you'll soon wonder how you ever lived without!

Week #51 (from Tuesday, December 20 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, December 27 at 9 a.m. Paris time)

If you're reading this on your smartphone, we strongly recommend switching to landscape mode for a better reading experience. Otherwise, you might miss certain important visual elements!

This Week's Special Offers

This week, your shop purchases will pay off in a big way. When you purchase an item from our selection, you'll get up to 5 Kwismas Pet Mystery Boxes absolutely free! Here's the complete list:

  • Get 1 free Kwismas Pet Mystery Box when you purchase any of these items:
    • 30-Day Bonus Pack (with real currency)
    • Jahash Ceremonial Set
    • 1,200 Goultines
  • Get 2 free Kwismas Pet Mystery Boxes when you purchase any of these items
    • Spoopy Boar Ceremonial Petsmount
    • Starter Pack
    • Bronze Flake Pack
    • Scout Pack
  • Get 3 free Kwismas Pet Mystery Boxes when you purchase any of these items
    • 3,250 Goultines
    • Silver Flake Pack
    • 30-Day Elite Bonus Pack 
  • Get 4 free Kwismas Pet Mystery Boxes when you purchase any of these items
    • 7,000 Goultines
    • Add a Character Slot
    • Gold Flake Pack
  • Get 5 free Kwismas Pet Mystery Boxes when you purchase any of these items
    • 15,000 Goultines
    • Class Change Potion
    • 40,000 Goultines
    • 85,000 Goultines

They're back! The Spoopy Boar and the Jahash Set are also available in the shop during this same period. The set contains:

  • Jahash's Winged Headband (chameleon ceremonial item)
  • Jahash's Aegis
  • Jahash's Cape
Spoopy Boar Petsmount Jahash Set

Hurry up and grab 'em while you can!


Other Items Available All Week

Moon Tourist Sidimote Warrior


Mandibular Peacock Beanie
Posh Robust Viootifool
Tanuk Tatouh
Weebamboo Minifoux


Armoured Dragoturkey Tarantulino
Khamelerost Dragoturkey Kompost


Ankhape Two-horned Hat
Bivalve Bontarian Shield


Beat a Drum


Flame's Tormentator Koksiks's Sword Rapiat's Sword


Alyverol Set


10 Musical Fairyworks Bitter Shigekax Caramel Shigekax
Praline Shigekax Vanilla Shigekax Pack of 5 Shigekax (1)



Prestige Cosmetic Items

The following prestige items will be available all throughout December:

Shushivin Set Dorulphe Petsmount
(ceremonial petsmount)
Kwismas Sack Cape Komet Pet

You can also find the Hairy Set, Blitzem pet, and Santa Kwismas ornament, all together in the Kwismas Pack.

Kwismas Pack Hairy Attire
Blitzem Pet
(ceremonial pet)
Santa Kwismas Ornament
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