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Hurry! Stop the Wabbit Invasion!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - January 16, 2023, 15:00:00
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Ouf! That's not a good way to start the year! The furniture in Amakna Castle – and above all the king's health – is being threatened by a horde of invading wabbits infected with the ultra-contagious myxomawosis. Take arms and give those little pests a strong kick in their fluffy backsides! Up for grabs: a title and rewards!

His salad days might well be far behind him, but Gwandpa Wabbit is like all the others rodents of his kind – he's occasionally seized with a desire to gnaw on a new adventure. His wiser side, however, dictates that he not endanger his old bones. The old wabbit would much rather encourage his younger and more vigorous kith and kin to head out in his stead!

Very recently, a troop of fuzzy little fur balls raring for a fight set sail on Lily's ship, destination: Amakna Castle!

While wabbits are a serious threat to the royal furniture that they're certain to nibble to pieces, that's nothing compared the dreaded myxomawosis they carry! That fearsome disease, which can be passed from wabbits to Twelvians, could bring down the entire kingdom… King Allister is in danger!

Starting Wednesday January 18, take arms and head to the Amakna Castle area and drive out at least 100 of the furry invaders!

What's in it for you?

Ahhh, the eternal question! You'll earn the gratitude of the kingdom, to start. And, of course, other rewards,* never fear! Your bravery will pay off, notably by earning you the right to show off the prestigious "Wabbit Pwedatow" title if you drive out at least 100 of the furry invaders to the Amakna Castle area.

Join forces! Gwandpa Wabbit, the instigator behind all this, also deserves to be taught a lesson! If he's defeated 3,000 times during the event, in the Amakna Castle areaall servers combined, and if you contributed to his defeat by facing off against him at least once, you'll win a Bitter Shigekax that will give you a 100 Wisdom bonus for five fights!

If Gwandpa Wabbit gets his teeth kicked in at least 5,000 times and you had something to do with it, it'll be two shigekax that end up in your inventory.

Just two more reasons to join the fight!

You have from Wednesday, January 18 at 9 AM (Paris timeuntil Wednesday, January 25 at 9 AM (Paris time) to get them to hop along out of there!

But hurry! Wabbits multiply as fast as lil' wodents!

* The rewards can only be earned once per account, even if several characters from the same account take part in the event.

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shigekax? malisima recompensa
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2 shigekax? Parece até piada um "evento" como esse...
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Event looks interesting and beginner friendly smile The reward seems a bit meager.
Question : Is there any way to track Wabbit killing progress?
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