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Compensation for Latency

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - January 19, 2023, 16:00:00
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DOFUS Touch has recently had stability issues at regular intervals. These issues have been resolved and the game is stable again; we'd like to share more details about it with this article.

Sources of the Latency

The latency detected starting in late 2022 had two different causes. We won't go into all the technical aspects, but here are a few explanations to help you understand the situation.

The first and most important one was discussed in this forum thread several days ago. Now we know more; as part of efforts to limit bot activity, various measures have been implemented over the course of months. One of the latest measures ended up causing latency due to a server-side issue related to optimization.

For a little over a year, these actions have drastically reduced the activity and viability of bots, but we're fully aware there's more work to be done. Eliminating bots in a free-to-play MMORPG is a real challenge, but we won't give up. We still have plenty of ideas to test and roll out in 2023 – which hopefully won't cause latency!

The second cause (totally unconnected to the previous one) had to do with the optimization of inventory loading, particularly with dragoturkey certificates and soul stones. These items are harder to load as they contain various data, contrary to, for example, a simple resource. To be able to quickly react, we had to remove the ability to stack soul stones in a single inventory several days ago (this was not retroactive).


As announced in the forums, to make up for these issues, we'll be providing compensation:

  • A +50% XP and drop bonus weekend from 5 PM (Paris time) on Friday, February 17 to 9 AM on Monday, February 20
  • Access to Kwismas Island extended through 8 AM (Paris time) on Tuesday, February 7
    • And a fun little surprise you'll see below!
  • A 7-day Bonus Pack (Classic or Elite, depending on what you had when the latency occurred) for players who experienced latency
  • 60 compensokens
The Bonus Pack time and compensokens will be given out during an upcoming maintenance period, by early February. This will be announced beforehand in a future changelog.

Want to know more about the addition to Kwismas Island? Coming right up!

Freezing Business

Starting January 31, GrooScooger needs your help! The island's been open for several weeks now, and he's had enough of hearing Kwismas dragoturkeys running around – and you've had enough of hearing him complain…

Talk to the NPC at [-32,-86] to start a quest, and get those dragoturkeys to calm down. And who knows, maybe you'll end up getting the Kwismas Dragoturkey, a brand-new mount in DOFUS Touch!

The drop rate for Kwismas dragoturkeys will be temporarily higher while the island is still open.

We apologize again for the inconvenience.

Happy gaming!
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Hello everyone,

The bonus pack and the compensation rewards have been delivered.
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