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Forgenews #6: The Rescue

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - January 26, 2023, 15:00:00
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What? Again?! What else is there to learn about the new areas and the Forgelances? Not all that much, it's true… But as for the Lance Dur animated series, various behind-the-scenes developments and works in progress, and the end of Klimti Swood's story, we've still got a few tidbits to share! Plus, this is also your chance to share your impressions of the recent updates.

DOFUS, DOFUS Touch and WAKFU all wrapped up the year with some major additions. So now that they've been out there for a few weeks, what do you think? Have you discovered everything, explored everything, and collected everything? How did you like it? Tell us in the comments below!

The animated series "The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur" will soon be available in France, and depending on the purchase of broadcast rights by local distributors, we hope it will be appearing in other countries as well.


In the last episode…

- DOFUS and DOFUS Touch revealed lush designs and tentacled sketches of the island of Ephedyra.

- WAKFU released the main NPC and a whole monster family from their Ocean Prison.

- The Lance Dur animated series hauled up creatures and background art from the depths of the sea.

And last but not least…

Klimti, Fergus and Reska sailed for Ereboria to try and save Dayd from the unstoppable Cire Momore. Out at sea, the Forgelance saw a frightening humanoid creature emerge from the abyss. Moments later, the crew was hit by a violent storm. So violent, in fact, that it smashed their ship up on an island beach – but they emerged safe and sound from the crash. In his rush to find some trace of his brother, Klimti hurried off to scout the place out as soon as he regained consciousness…



Background: The Rescue

By now, not even the tiniest bit of blue sky could be seen overhead – only leaves, brambles, trees and plants. Klimti had started out on what looked like a path, but in his haste, he hadn't noticed the moss and vegetation closing in around him until he was completely surrounded by it. He felt like an insect caught in an arachnee web. The more he struggled to move forward, the thicker the undergrowth became. With each step he took, the brambles scratched new wounds into his skin. His arms were scraped raw. The pain was unbearable. Each prick from a thorn felt like a blade carving into his flesh.


Swood let out a roar of rage and frustration. He drew his lance and focused his anger into a fiery blast of Burning Estoc. He boosted his range and healed his wounds with an Oriflamme spell before pausing to gather his strength. Then he fired off a Torch Lancer to continue clearing the undergrowth so he could finally just… breathe.

"We should have followed Mr. Swood," fretted the Enutrof, his eyes riveted on the dense forest, looking out for even the slightest sign of his presence.

Abandoned on the beach among various rocks laid bare by the tide, he and his feline companion searched for crabs and clams in hopes of scraping together some dinner.

"Don't worry, Fergus, he's a big boy! Why do you always feel the need to be his chaperone?"

"He's a good boy, Reska! He fights for the people he cares about…"

"He's fighting in vain! And you know it. That's why you're protecting him… But you're only delaying the moment when he'll have to face reality."

"He'll face reality when he comes face to face with Cire Momore. And so will you…"

The green-eyed Ecaflip with the thick black fur stopped scratching at the wet sand in search of shells for just a moment. Fergus gave her a friendly pat on the back before returning his attention to the task at hand, peering carefully into the narrow gaps between rocks. He didn't notice the crab that skittered away behind him to escape.

Nor the massive foot that suddenly crushed it flat…

Not far off, birds chirped and trees swayed gently in the wind in a quiet meadow with a thick wall of brambles along one side. Suddenly, a golden spike pierced the vegetation, glowed brightly and consumed everything around it in a perfect ring!

A tousle-headed Forgelance, out of breath and covered with cauterized scratches, stumbled out through the opening. He instinctively raised his hands to the sky he'd missed so dearly, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, he saw what looked like an ancient palace just ahead. At first glance, he couldn't tell if the building had been abandoned, but in any case, nature seemed to be doing its best to reclaim it, with huge climbing plants and tentacle-like vines clinging tightly to every surface.



The only answer was an echo and the flutter of a startled flock of birds. Klimti Swood slung his lance over his back and made his way down a stone path leading to a high gate. Its ironwork was filled with floral designs. As he raised his hand to push open the gate, he was startled by the sound of a little girl's voice:

"You won't find your friend here."


He spun around to see a young Xelor sitting on the head of a large statue and casually kicking her feet.

"Who are you? And how did you know I was looking for someone?"

"I'm Phyllis. And you were yelling his name just a second ago."

"What are you doing here all alone? And what makes you think that my brother's not here?"

"Whoa, whoa… Who said I was here all alone? So it's your brother, then…"


The Forgelance sighed and prepared once again to enter the palace.



The Xelor girl hopped down from her perch and walked towards him.

"If you go in there, you'll run into a lot more trouble than you've had up to now."

"You have no idea what I've been through…"

"Meeting the Armor and coming out of it alive would be more than most people could hope for."

"Wait a second, I… WHO THE F**K ARE YOU, ANYWAY?!"

"Just a kid," she replied, rocking back and forth on her heels with her hands behind her back and flashing a friendly smile.

"Well, you're freaking me out, 'kid'. What are you, the demon of the forest or something?"

"Sounds like you've been reading too many horror parchments."

"I might not look like it, but I'm a civilized man. I read books."

"Never heard of 'em."

"It's a bunch of sheets of paper all stacked up together and… Wait, what am I doing here? Why am I talking to a ten-year-old girl?!"

"I'm only nine!"


He went in.

Despite the palace's abandoned appearance, its entrance hall was still quite impressive. Klimti paused for a moment to contemplate the height of the ceiling, the tapestries, the rug stretching the length of the vast floor, and the flowers everywhere he looked.

"Believe me, you ain't seen nothin' yet!" called Phyllis from under her hat and bandages.


"Seriously, why don't you believe me? I'm telling you, he's not here. He's not even on this island…"


"I mean, you're on Ephedrya, right? Everyone knows it but you, it's getting a bit embarrassing…"

"Then I can't waste time here, I've got to go save him!" Klimti shouted as he turned to go back.

"I don't know if you can still save him… but there's still a chance for your friends that you ditched on the beach like an old pair of socks."

"They're not my… That is… Look, they weren't in any danger, and… OH, SH**! How do you know all that?!"

But when Swood turned around to face her, the girl had disappeared.

He stood there bewildered for a moment, then turned to leave again, when "AHH!" There she was in front of him.

"I'm not a ghost, you know…" she teased.

"If you keep this up, that can definitely be arranged…"


The Forgelance rushed out through the gate and ran to the hole he'd made in the wall of vegetation. Before going in, he looked back one last time at the girl, who'd stopped on the stone steps. Phyllis waved to him with a broad smile. Klimti groaned.

"I hope I never see you again!" he shouted.

"I know!" she answered, then stuck out her tongue.

At that, Klimti finally cracked a smile. Then he disappeared into the brambles.

Klimti charged out of the forest and hurried to the beach.

"Fergus! Reska!"

There was no one at the boat. He saw footprints in the sand… some of which looked like they'd been made by a giant. There'd been a fight here. Klimti ran faster down to the edge of the bay. Before him, a trail of bent and broken kokonut trees led into a wood. Swood followed it, emerged onto a different beach, and there he finally saw them… A golem of stones and leaves was swinging its immense axe down at Reska!

The dark feline, who was down on all fours, jumped aside to avoid the blow. She bared her teeth and hissed at her attacker.

"HEY!" shouted Swood to distract the golem.

The stone giant turned towards him, giving Reska an opening to leap in the air and give it a quick pair of kicks to the back, knocking it helmet-first into the sand. Klimti ran a few strides towards the golem as it tried to get up, then planted the point of his lance in the base of his enemy's neck with a sickening crack and pole-vaulted over the great mass of rocks and vegetation to land at Reska's feet.

"You all right?"

"Took you long enough!" shot back the Ecaflip as she wiped her mouth on the back of her sleeve. "Oh, and you left your lance sticking out of that big hunk of clay…"

The golem had just managed to wobble to its feet.

"I know."

Without taking his eyes off of Reska, the Forgelance reached out his hand towards his weapon, which flew back into his grip as though pulled by a magnet. Along the way, it popped the giant's head off with a sharp crack, leaving its body to collapse in a heap.

"Where's Fergus?"

The Ecaflip cast her emerald gaze to one side to point the way. Swood turned around and saw his friend lying motionless on the sand nearby. He hurried to his side.

"Fergus ! "

The blacksmith was out cold. Blood trickled from his mouth and from a wound over one of his eyes. Klimti shook him and called his name.

"He dodged the axe, but he caught a mean backhand to the face…" Reska explained.

Finally, the Forgelance gave Fergus a slap and he opened his eyes.

"Klimti! You're back, thank the Twelve!"

"I'm here, my friend."

"What… what about that monster?"

"Reska and I took care of it."

"…Your brother's not here, Klimti! It turns out we're on Ephedrya, we need to get going!"

"I know that now, Fergus. I know."


As the wind came up that day on the beach, they hadn't found Dayd Swood or the former members of Reska's guild. But they had found each other.



Ephedrya Bestiary

The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur: arriving on ADN on March the 1st!


This concludes our series of Forgenews posts…

Thanks for reading! We wish you a truly krosmic year in 2023!

Don't forget to give us your opinion on the latest updates, or on the story of Klimti Swood.

Other surprises are coming your way soon on the Lance Dur website. Stay tuned!

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