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Stat-Based Passives

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - February 23, 2023, 16:00:00
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This is huge update! Many things seems better. But i'm still waiting for a new mono-international server wink
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Gosto da ideia de 1 sabe aumentando CH, gosto também das mudanças em Geral pois mudanças drásticas causam adaptações drásticas é ótimo está sempre mudando o jogo por completo em curtos períodos de tempo, quem gosta gosta então vamos sair da mesmice anual e virar o jogo de cabeça pra baixo
(Isso não muda o fato de eu achar que o touch é praticamente um beta do Dofus de PC)
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback and we will take note of them!

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Y las mascotas de sabiduría que van a terminar dando entonces?, porque si la sabiduría no sirve ya para experiencia esas mascotas ya no servirían de nada.
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y aparte deberían cambiar el bloqueo de suerte por el de agilidad, ya que el clon del sram ya no serviría para nada, a menos que permitan que el clon se pueda mover a gusto para armar combos.
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también el sram de agilidad quedaría muy vulnerable a que lo plaquen cuando este visible, lo que haría que perdiera ventaja y los venenos no le sirvieran de nada.
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Score : 31
At the same time that intelligence increases healing, and will remain so, agility must remain the same, with the 2 passive skills, dodging and blocking, if you change it, it will unbalance the game and leave the vast majority disappointed, Agility srans will be the most affected , since they already took Nerfs, I hope they leave Agility like this, I really like the block and the dodge that it provides.
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Ill try to leave a second more constructive feedback, as you are asking for them. 

What do I think of all these often sudden changes upsetting the game dynamics I already commented above. 
Now play a what I like and what I like not game:
I like - Critical rate system as it may open up to new combo builds. I like the idea of start dropping something again at lvl 200, perhaps also the idea to link exp just to the level of a char makes sense.. although you should ensure that game does not become too long at low lvl.

I am not sure to like also the idea of changing passives in game as I would like that you guys keep some sort of rationality in doing so. 
Let me explain: Neutral and earth damages, as well as dodge and lock and ap/mp parry/reduction are three parameteres strictly correlated between them. There is no point to deconvolute neutral and earth damage from strength. In the new patch you are instead splitting aside lock and dodge (why? they are nicely fit in an agile char context and not much in a fortune char context). I see this as huge nerf to agi builds, as at once they will lose critical and lock, being also characterized by overhall lower dmg caps.
I get that you don't want to just give more prospecting to chance based builds, so why don't you lin chance to critical hits? - it would make sense high chance = higher chance to and a critical, or perhaps with ap/mp res/reduction - high chance means higher chance to rape or retain ap/mp.. I mean I find this much more rational than a agile char being able to dodge but not lock and a fortunate char that is not able to dodge but it can lock...

Last, resists, I get that you see all in a pvp perspective and reducing res in that context has a meaning to speed up fights. But please consider also 1. there will be full crit build which will deal higher dmg than now. 2. consider monsters! there are several mob that high resists are mandatory i.e. ulkan, so they should be balanced too if resists are changed. 3. effort of many players put on perfectioning their gears that will go to waste. Why don't you set a cap at 40% for res instead of 35%, or perhaps you may set a res cap lower in pvp context (e.g. 1v1 bonta vs brak, ava and kolosseum) while you retain 50% caps for pvm?

Thanks for listening

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Score : 105
I kolo fights, I find very few players with resistances over 30%, so I think this new 35% cap is not as drastic as it seems. I agree with previous comments though, in which this cap should apply to PvP only and not PvM.

I also agree with previous comments that agi=lock and chance=dodge should be implemented instead of the current proposal.

As for wisdom, the proposal #1 looks better overall than #2. I still think you are forcing us to chose option #1 since #2 does not provide great pros. Anyway, CH linked to wisdom means that all classes will benefit from it, specially since almost all equipment items provide wisdom. I think the current pets and mounts that provide wisdom should not be changed, since they will be useful for CH specialized builds.

A question: since wisdom will not be linked to experience gain anymore, will be still be able to use equipment (maybe pets only) that boosts our experience gain? what about cawwot dofus? Since this dofus can be obtained pretty easily at low levels, I don't know if wisdom will be useful anymore for low levels (but it is interesting for CH specialized builds).

There are a few things I would like you to revisit:
- Power-to-characteristic ratio. It is a bit confusing trying to calculate our damages with the current ratio.

- There exist resistances to pushback, CH, MP, AP, etc. but there are no resistances to poison or to range loss. Maybe you could add these resistances.
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Prospecting rules Lock is useless I’m switching to intel Enu
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Score : 2
Come to think of it this makes all ranged chance builds and all cc agi builds obsolete
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