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[SHOP] Enjoy Your Trip!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - March 07, 2023, 14:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

What if you went out of bounds? Picture it… You just take a bag and hit the road. Without any warning. Go past the end of the street you walk down every morning. Leave… Just leave! Go farther than night and day! Leave… but not without your Voyager Pack!

Week #10 (from 9 a.m. (Paris time) on Tuesday, March 7 to 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 14)

As you may have noticed, the shop now offers regular deals, which are featured on the main page. To avoid missing any of them, be sure to stop by whenever you get the chance. Keep your eyes peeled!

This Week's Special Offer

What are you waiting for? Split! Clear off! BEGONE!

… Ahem.

This Tuesday, we're dropping the gloves, helmet, and shining dragoturkey.

Where we're going, there aren't any roads!

Voyager Pack

To travel using your mind, all you need is a good cap. That's it.

And that's what's so useful about an imagination: you can travel whenever you like, safely and cheaply!

Some say this outfit allows you to stroll through time and between dimensions, but that sounds like science fiction, if you ask me. Oh, you didn't ask me? Fine, I won't push it.

The Voyager Pack contains:

  • A Carrier Tofu* ceremonial pet
  • The Voyager Set: a Voyager Cape*, Voyager Shield*, and Voyager Cap* (ceremonial items)

* Linked to account. Equip this item in a ceremonial slot to use its appearance.

Voyager Set
Carrier Tofu

It's not too late…

Young Celestial Gobbly

Once again this week, the Young Celestial Gobbly* – that pet fresh out of Incarnam – will be yours when you make a purchase using real money. Treat yourself to a youthful makeover with a sidekick that will remind you of your younger self (well, almost).

* This is a ceremonial pet that is linked to the account.

Deals Every Day

Every day at 2 p.m. (Paris time), find new offers at 10% off from the in-game shop!

Your ticket to a getaway…
is available from the shop!
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