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Stat-Based Passives Devblog – Early Feedback

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - March 22, 2023, 16:00:00
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It's been a few weeks now since the devblog on the overhaul of stat thresholds was published. Many of you have shared you opinions on it, and after various in-house discussions, here's where we are now on the topic.

/!\ It was already mentioned in the devblog, but we think it's important to give you a reminder. It was published well in advance of the actual change so we could collect your feedback as soon as possible and move forward in the best possible way, taking into account the various feedback, as you can see with this new article.

We noticed that your feedback fell into several categories. If your question isn't categorized in this article, it means the answer and debate will be addressed in a separate workshop on the forums.

Overhaul of Critical Hits

Changing critical hits to a percentage means getting closer to DOFUS, but we don't want the game to be the same as DOFUS. So why are we doing this?

We clearly aren't moving forward with the goal of joining the DOFUS version. The transition to three-room dungeons, groups of four, class emblems, the Exaltation spell, Ascension Island, and many other things are perfect examples of this. Many features are exclusive to DOFUS Touch.

However, when one of the things we want to do is close to what has been done in DOFUS, this isn't a valid reason not to do it. Quite the opposite – it allows us to see whether people like the idea and what it becomes over time before even integrating it into the game! We don't want to stop ourselves from introducing changes that we deem relevant simply because they've already been done in DOFUS.

Some classes or close combat may benefit too greatly from this change to a percentage, such as Ecaflips' Clover spell.

This isn't impossible, which is why balancing work will have to be done to balance special cases, whether this is in terms of spells or close combat.

Why would you theoretically allow for 100% Critical Hits?

The luck factor will always exist, because 100% will actually be difficult to achieve without having to make concessions with your equipment. However, it's an interesting idea, because the classes' randomness isn't very satisfying, and it can often be frustrating, which isn't productive. Therefore, the player must be able to make sacrifices to modulate it and thereby limit the luck fact based on their own choices. The idea isn't for 100% to be too easily attainable without any concessions or for it to become standard, which is why we aren't opposed to the idea of reworking the Turquoise Dofus afterward, if the 20% it provides is too significant.

To keep discussing the topic of Critical Hits, a workshop is now available below.

Workshop: Overhaul of Critical Hits

Resistance Limitation 

We're going to lose a lot of kamas with this change.

Current sets don't naturally reach 35% in each element, so items that are smithmaged with resistances will always have a high value. What's more, the topic of new trophies is still being discussed, and we think that with their introduction, the variety of item combinations that will then be possible will allow any smithmaged item to fit in, since these trophies would be conditional on not fully equipping sets. 

Won't the gap between beginners and experienced players close?

With all the changes that are planned in the devblog – especially the importance that secondary stats will have (Lock, Dodge, Parry, etc.) – the difference between these players will now be more noticeable in their other stats. However, resistances will continue to play an important role. Actually, the 35% in each element isn't necessarily given naturally in the various equipment combinations without involving smithmagic.

Isn't it possible to apply this reduction in PvP only so as not to penalize PvM?

We don't want to separate PvP and PvM, as this would be detrimental to understanding and getting to grips with the game. We can appreciate that this change could be a problem on Ascension Island, as the concept involves scaling monsters. So, an adjustment might be made accordingly; the initial problem isn't resistances, but the damage value that some monsters can reach in this content.

To keep discussing the topic of Resistances, a workshop is now available below.

Workshop: Resistance Limitation


Several questions were asked that revolved around the topic of runes, which might get a "weight" change, meaning:

  • Pods
  • Initiative
  • AP/MP Parry
  • AP/MP Reduc.
  • Wisdom
  • Critical Hits
  • Prospecting

Changing the "weight" of the Cri Rune might make smithmagic too difficult.

It will no longer be possible to take advantage of the "weight" of 30 if a Cri Rune has a critical success, but on the other hand, it will be easier to maintain the maximum roll for your Critical Hits or even consider exceeding the maximum Critical Hit threshold of your items.

Can the "weight" of Vit Runes be changed to make it possible to invest in this characteristic once the limit has been reached?

We aren't opposed to the idea of raising the maximum Vitality threshold from 404 to 505 by changing the weight of this rune.

To discuss the pros and cons of this idea among smithmagi, a workshop is now available below.

Workshop: Change to Runes

Stat-Based Passives

This topic is probably the most complex in this devblog! A common problem with the various solutions presented is that there are always disparities between the different paths.

In our opinion, the ideal solution would be to remove the Neutral stat from the Earth path, change Healing to a percentage, and thereby remove the "secondary characteristics" principle from the various paths.

This solution was already considered, but it was ruled out because it was technically quite difficult to implement. But following the various debates on the devblog, we decided to look at this topic again in-house and delve further into it. We hope to get back to you about this very soon.

Furthermore, if we can make this idea a reality, the Wisdom stat could be linked to AP and MP Reductions and Parries.


Prospecting sets will be less optimized, so the price of the various resources will increase.

Many players feel that this change is to the detriment of most players in the community. In fact, the opposite is true, because most players will now have a higher Prospecting value.

And to be honest, we're still actively looking at different solutions that would be good for the gaming experience while regulating resource generation as much as possible.

With the change in the influence that Wisdom has on experience gained, won't it now take too long to progress?

The new way of calculating experienced gained based on the player's level was developed to tie in with a good gaming experience and progress for players.

What's more, we're planning to add a challenge to fights when you play as a group in order to encourage group play.

Finally, with the revamp of the start of the game, it is also easier for us to freely adjust how new players progress by taking these changes into account. 

Why not just remove the Wisdom stat from the game?

Wisdom carries significant weight in balancing the game's items, and unfortunately, it isn't possible to change all this retroactively right now.

Since a single character can't have more than three professions, many players have low-level characters that are used for professions. Removing pods for the Strength stat may be detrimental to those players' experience.

We are thinking about improving profession-related pods, or the actual basic formula based on the character's level. In any case, there are plans to increase the number of pods available. In addition, various changes are helping in this regard, such as the portable bank and the fact that you can move even if you have exceeded your maximum number of pods.

Are there any plans to change pets that provide Wisdom?

There are indeed plans for a change, but we can't anticipate it as things stand – at least not until we've decided on the future of the Wisdom stat!

First Ankama intervention
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback and we will take note of them!

See message in context
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Thank you for the follow up post that keep the community involved in the thoughts and process that are being considered with this potential update.
I 100% Agree with not limiting and “pigeonholing” yourselves to not taking what works on PC and implementing it here on Touch. PC Dofus has close to 20 years of trial-and-error design, use it. We get that Dofus touch is “Unique” but there a lot of problems that were solved with PC, sometimes there no need to reinvent the wheel, specially when it makes the game better. Its okay to take some stuff here and there from it as long as the bulk of the game keeps its Touch Identity.Stats based passive.Love the ideal solution. Neutral damage should be that. Neutral. and sort of a universal element that can be used by everybody with its, can be calculated by some general sum from putting the characteristic points into your character.  Breaking the link of heals to intelligence would be great in creation diversity in healers. Maybe % heal spell used by a strength build has a different effect from and agility built using the same spell.  Passive stats should really enforce the elements, with noticeable offensive/defensive effects in the fight.Loving the transparency with the community!
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Score : 1020
Hmm, I'm of two minds on the proposal to eliminate secondary characteristics to stats. On one hand removing them could allow for more diverse builds. Healers are kind of pigeonholed into int as that's how you max heals, certain tanks into chance as you get the lock bonus there. Meanwhile some secondaries aren't useful for some classes - any class that plays mid to long range don't benefit from lock and, unless you're either an Iop or have a weapon that deals neutral damage, the str bonus is not useful.

ON THE OTHER HAND, this change would effect a lot of people in a negative way as they've probably invested a lot of time and Kamas into their builds and equipment. Anyone with a strong build and a neutral damage weapon is needed, people who relied on agility for high dodge are in trouble (lock too but that's going away regardless it seems), and healers who went int will see their effectiveness drop. 

Leaving it as it is reduces the chaos all of the other changes are going to bring in that it's one less thing to have to deal with. There are a lot of spell changes coming through, so a complete overhaul of the secondaries beyond what's already proposed is a lot to swallow.

If the decision is made to remove secondaries entirely here are a few thoughts to consider:
-Remove Neutral entirely. It's already a niche thing, limited to one class spell and weapons, it seems better to simplify in this case and remove it. This will mean Intimidation, a slew of weapons and equipment, as well as monster spells will have to be adjusted but removing the secondaries is already going to see it made even more niche, why keep it?
-On the topic of changing equipment, a lot of equipment should probably be changed if this goes through to redistribute the secondaries that will be lost. Give more equipment buffs to healing, lock, dodge, and initiative and across different elements to enable this broader level of play this change strives for. I run a hybrid healer Fogger and I know my effectiveness will take a large hit if helping is removed from intelligence so having a way to rebound this loss with either new gear or having current gear have healing bonuses added is going to be key for my effectiveness and others that have invested heavily into other stats for the secondaries they provide will be in the same boat.
-Lastly, and this one is simpler, a stat reset Magic Gem should be given to everyone if this goes through because a lot of people will probably be looking to rebuild with such a large change.
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Score : 113
Please let me transfer my professions from one character to another since strength is no longer important in the choice of your profession. Alternatively, allow us to transfer all professions to one character.
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Score : 188
Are there any plans to allow players to have more than three basic professions, and no longer reserving the three extra profession slots exclusively for Smith magic professions?
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Score : 1020
Have there been any thoughts on the enu spell Bribery? Others I've been in discussion with have said it's a really annoying spell, not specifically what it does but the fact that it has a giant, boostable range and has little in the way of drawbacks relative to its effects. People I've spoken to have said restricting it to a linear cast or reducing its range and making it unmodifiable may make it less of a nuisance.
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Score : 113
Have there been any thoughts on the enu spell Bribery? I only play enu and would like if it lasted 2 turns. People I've spoken to have said they agree they would like an extra turn and it would really help for pvm.
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Score : 272
Gift wall lv 200 one Class Change Potion, because this is an Bigger Bang News... The game maybe are reborn.
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Score : 113
sadida asking for a class change potion, not surprising with how neglected your class is.
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Score : 54
There was no thread for the changes to the stat passives so I shall post here.

It seems you are struggling to find a way to remove the passive effects of characteristic points, and as it currently stands, you will upset a lot of people.

For example, an agility SRAM who can't lock, a chance enu but with less pp but locks everything. It doesn't make much sense and it doesn't match the class.

My proposal:
Remove all passive effects from all elements and instead create 'Secondary characteristic points' or 'passive characteristic points'. Let's assume you get 1 point every 5 levels. And each point can be put into either prospecting, MP reduction, AP resistance, pods, lock, dodge, healing etc.

Basically, each character can choose the passive they want. It should be balanced so that a char with 1500 points into a stat wouldn't lose many stats if they put all of the secondary stats into the same bonus.

For example, 1 secondary characteristic point would give 4 pp (so 80 pp at lvl 200), or 10% healing, or 1 dodge etc. (It would need carefully balancing).

The benefits of this would be:

1. A more complex way to distribute points to make fights more interesting (currently characteristics points are very simple)

2. A huge bonus to the value of the elite bonus pack because of resets (but I think a secondary characteristic point reset should be VERY cheap from the shop so it's not too unfair)

3. Minimal change the the passives characters currently have. 
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Score : 17
Im not agree only about the 35% max res. It will be always possibile balance increasing vitality points and actually 70% of my sets got higher res than 35%. So I cannot understand your points: normally set don' t give more than 35%. It is not true.
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Score : 7
I agree with KIMBO’S secondary stat option. This will increase variety of build play, which I’ve found has been lacking in former years due to intense balancing that have reduced any real niche builds.

Example I used to have a pushback eni utilising frightening word (great damage super limited range) but since the eni was reworked (Molotov cocktail gone) and pushback reworked it’s non existent as a viable build.

Just an example but I think the attractiveness of niche and variety of builds will have characters thinking and thinking and redesigning builds.

At the moment I feel the build paths are too dictated compared to how they use to be, allowing a lot of creativity.
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Score : 31
Agility has always led to ESCAPE and BLOCKING and it should continue like this, this is the strong point of the game. Now increasing the block with luck doesn't make any sense... What's the point of having a block if you can't escape? Or vice versa... I agree with everything so far, except for that for obvious reasons, I believe that all my Dofus Touch colleagues think so, so don't destroy this characteristic that has become so common to us, keep the AGILITY like it and .
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Score : 62
Whatever you do, don't remove the effect of int on heal. If you do this, the variety of characters will be lost and each team will have to have an eni. Currently, healbow and thanos staff with classes other than eni also get a chance to play. The biggest richness of this game is not to give the support play style to a class monopoly.
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Score : 62
(the message I sent with my other account was not published so I'm sending it again)

Reducing resistances to 35% will greatly reduce the close-combat gameplay style. Because those who play close-combat can do this because they trust their resists. But now everyone will have to play with a focus on range or stealth. This causes the matches to be unbearably long.

Also, I don't think kolossium players want matches to be short. My most enjoyable matches are those where there is no chasing but still take a long time. It is ideal for a match to last 10-15 rounds. If you don't have concrete data that average kolossium matches last more than 15 rounds, you are about to irreversibly disrupt a great mechanic in the game. Those who want to play glass-cannon can still play in this style with sram or cra. They are very effective right now. But with the drop of the resists, the tank style gameplay will be completely over and it will turn into a frustrating, unbalanced and toxic mechanic where the outcome of the match is determined by initiative in the first round, and reversals are impossible.

There are a lot of masks and fecas in the game right now. They're pretty strong too. Yet they are not invincible. Because the anti of these classes is enu. The reason why there are so many Enu's is related to the fact that there are too many masks and fecas. Yet there is a balance. But cra and srams have no anti. You should use a cra against a cra. There is no cure for sram's invisibility. (if changes sram's spells range to close-combat) With the arrival of this update, 9 out of 10 characters will be cra and sram.
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback and we will take note of them!

Score : 44
Remover passivas não faz sentido, elas precisam existir porque faz parte importante da escolha em batalhas.

Penso que deveria ter uma mudança em chance e força, pois prospecção e poods não ajudam em nada na batalha em si, tornando essas passivas inúteis no pvp e pvm.

Minha ideia seria essa

inteligência = cura (porque já é assim e funciona super bem)

Agilidade = %critico (mais ágil, mais preciso o ataque, maior dano)

Força = fuga (um personagem forte sai "empurrando" todo mundo, ninguém consegue segurar um mamute =D)

Sorte = bloqueio/fuga (quando você está fugindo de alguém você tem sorte na fuga ou quando está perseguindo alguém tem sorte em interceptar)

Poods e prospecção deveriam ser apenas estatísticas de itens e todo mundo ter uma base padrão.

Agora um personagem de terra ou sorte ter uma cura tão alta igual cra ou eca não faz sentido, deveriam ser de inteligência pra isso.

Outra coisa que gostaria muito é uma mudança no feitiço poder do iop, ao invés de dar vitalidade deveria dar escudos, porque o feitiço é o único usado de proteção praticante do iop e ele está atrelado ao feitiço que bufa dano, então se você usar no turno 1 para bater mais no turno 3 já terminou e se foi sua deseja em uma parte crucial da luta e se não usar no turno 1 perde potencial de dano, só uma sugestão porque funcionaria melhor o feitiço
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Score : 31
Put the enemies bar in the vertical position for better gameplay, a good thing is to remove the phrase when you start your game turn, sometimes it gets in the way... The right thing would be to create two resolutions, one where the enemies and allies bar is on the vertical, and another "classic", identical to the one on PC where the spells bar and the enemies and allies bar are at the bottom, giving these two options to be chosen by the player... I'm sure everyone would welcome this news very well!
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