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It's time for me to leave the nest

By #[Jonquille] December 12, 2016, 10:56:30

Life is full of surprises, and in a month and a half, I'll experience the most beautiful surprise of all, as I'm currently awaiting a very happy event indeed! Obviously, like any self-respecting Tofoone, I'll be taking care of my Baby Tofu and giving them all my time. Which means I can no longer follow the DOFUS Touch project after the end of December.
But don't panic, because we've chosen someone to replace me during my absence and afterward. It will be simpler for everyone involved if the project lead doesn't change too often!
At this moment, the transition is in full-swing, and I'm going to train [Kokillette], my successor, for the entire month of December so that she's as prepared as possible to take the reins when I leave. She'll know all the principle subjects on the forum, be able to help you, and will also be up to speed on all the secrets regarding what's coming in the project's future! Don't be jealous: you too will know someday. wink
I've loved spending this last year and a half at your sides. We've discussed many things, and watched the project grow together. The beta was emotionally rich – the various official releases too – and the future promises nothing less! DOFUS Touch is in good hands. I'm counting on you to continue being so honest, to support us in the future, and to give a good welcome to [Kokillette].
Enjoy your many hours relaxing in the World of Twelve,

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Congratulations on your Baby Tofu, Jonquille! And good luck, Kokillette. We have high hopes and expectations!

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Huzzah for baby tofus smile Best wishes to you. 

And Kokillette, I'm waiting with bated breath to find out about the road map for Dofus Touch in 2017. Any news about adjusting soft caps? What about an overhaul to the profession system? Will players get all professions on a single character? Is Incarnum going to get a facelift? Will the recipes for consumables revised? Are we going to see the new resource system and bags of resources come to Touch? What new and incredible thing is Touch going to get next? This inquiring mind wants to know!

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Congratulations and nice health to your baby and you!!!

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My gratters for your little baby tofu, I hope that he or she, have so much health to be like a tofu and run everywhere. 

Good luck in your new journey like a Tofoone, we will miss you here. 

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