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Event: A Love Letter For Bworkette 

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - February 08, 2017, 17:00:00
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Hello folks,

The entry submission period is now closed, thank you for your entries! Winners will be announced by 22 February 2017.


Thank you all for the entries, all of them have been exquisitely beautiful and made a tear fall from Bworkette’s eyes, or was that sweat, we can never really tell!

Before we announce the three winners, let's see what they're getting

  • Flame’s Tormentor
  • Write Emote

Now on to the winners! 


Me declare love for Bworkette!

Bworkette is big beauty, fierce and strong! Foes tremble from ground shaking underfoot but Bwork stares with eyes like tiny hearts. Me will fight other Bwork for Bworkette's love. Me offer lilac skin for Bworkette's love. Me search World of Twelve for Dofus for Bworkette's love. ME DIE FOR BWORKETTE!

Bwork love Bworkette...



I write to the in hopes you would put down your axe. For everytime I go through your elaborate and deadly dungeon, I am met by your resistance.. It brings sorrow to me, watching you blow kisses to everyone but myself. Instead I am met with a blunt axe.. Oh Bworkette, my love for thee will not falter, no matter a million keys, and thousands of hours, I will continue my quest for your heart. I love you my dear Bworkette latent love, will not defeat us.

love always, 



Mi Bworka,

Quiero que me mires como un Maxilubo a un pequeño Jalatín, y que el fuego de tu tierna mirada haga temblar mi cuerpo. Haz que tu hacha recorra todo mi ser; acorrálame contra la pared sin que importe lo que tenga de huida. Quiero que me beses apasionadamente y desenfrenadamente muerdas mis labios hasta su sangre beber como si fuera una cerveza Bwork, para así yo estremecerme y tomar una adicción a este sufrir irremediable. Contrólame sin pensarlo, olvídate de todos esos Bworks, porque tu verdadero amor soy yo. 

tu fiel sacrógrita ,


A big thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to the winners! 

Thanks once more and we hope you enjoy the next contest
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Thank you Flatops!! I really wanted that emote. biggrin

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Score : 70

Yes thank you smile

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