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The official release of Krosmaga!

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - February 22, 2017, 15:30:00
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If you've always dreamed of being a god, having their powers, and having an army of creatures at your command, you'll love Krosmaga! You'll be able to play it anywhere, anytime, and even receive gifts.

Before talking to you more about gifts, here's a little reminder of what Krosmaga is.

It's an online collectible card game where you embody a god! You'll therefore have colossal power in your hands, with the ability to cast spells and summon creatures or famous characters from the World of Twelve.

In Krosmaga, you can create your own deck which fits you, and which can even develop with you! It's just enough to tickle your competitive spirit.

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Whether you're on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can play Krosmaga anywhere, anytime! And what's more, all of the versions are compatible with each other: when playing on mobile platforms, you won't lose progress made simultaneously on your computer.


Download the game now!

On your PC or Mac.

On your tablet or smartphone:

To properly celebrate the event, we've got a gift for all our players on all our games worldwide: a Gold Booster + a Silver Booster + a Bronze Booster!

Enter the code GOKROSMAGA on this page and unlock 5 cards in Krosmaga, including at least 1 Infinite card – one of the rarest cards in the game*.

What's more, if you reach at least rank 6 in Krosmaga and you play DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU or KROSMASTER, a surprise awaits you directly on your in-game account (the one you'll use to play Krosmaga, of course!).
  • In DOFUS, you'll gain access to the Duelist Emote.
  • In WAKFU, the Mystery Card Emote.  
  • KROSMASTER, the Season 4 Krosbox.
  • And in DOFUS TOUCH, the White Ninja Set!

If you need some advice before jumping into the arena, here are some tips for you before you start playing!

Don't hesitate to interact with the beta testers; they'll be delighted to help you with anything you need – find them on Facebook, Twitter, or even Discord. They only bite when it's an emergency, promise!

Some of them have even made getting started videos, such as Proto and Babel, Gobelyn, and other videos to help you optimize your decks and become a Veteran, such as BestMarmotte.

Oh, one last thing: if you like the game, don't forget to rate it on the App Store and Google Play.

* Valid until 10:59 PM UTC on April 30th, 2017, and once per account; all you need is an Ankama account to activate it!

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Ankama has been one of my favorite companies for a long time. You guys have come up with an awesome story driven adorable universe and I never hesitate to try out your next adventure. smile

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Cuando mejorarán la interfaz de la forjamagia?

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