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Blocking a thief via text message

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - April 18, 2017, 17:00:00
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Your cellphone number can save the day! A simple text message can now stop account theft.

Text message services follow one after another, but aren't all the same. Let's look at the latest one: securing your account via text message.

This new feature allows you to respond effectively in the event of account theft (whether you notice it as it's happening or afterwards). In a few seconds, you can inform us of an account theft from the dedicated interface and ask for a verification code to be sent via text message. Once you've entered it, the account is placed under protection, which causes the thief to be kicked from the game, and temporarily disables logging back in.

You can then change any account details that may have been compromised (password, secret answer, and e-mail address) and safely return to your favorite game.

One small text message for Ankama, one giant leap for player security…

Text messages: essential allies to your Ankama account

Having appeared just over a year ago, text message services allow you to perform "sensitive" actions on your account (recovering a password, disabling protections, making fast payments, etc.).

The principle is simple: we send you a verification code via text message to the cellphone number associated with your account, you enter it correctly, and we give you control over your account. Free*, simple, fast: these services make your life easier as a player!

There's one condition: you need to associate your cellphone number with your Ankama account. Don't hang around; it'll only take a few seconds!


* This does not include any additional charges that your cellphone operator may charge you for receiving text messages.


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