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Event: One Last Poem

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - June 19, 2017, 17:00:00
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As the Gobbstock singing contest approaches, Skeunk, a bard in his own right, could give you a run for your money. It may be time to go and express your poems to him, if you know what I mean.

There's talk in town that Skeunk and his four Sadida groupies are planning to enter the Gobbstock singing contest. The least we can say is that this minstrel is not accustomed to good manners... he stole the Kaliptus Dofus from Koolich while it was peacefully smoking leaves of dried kaliptus! Do not let him pilfer YOUR moment of glory!

Event Details

From Wednesday, June 21 12:01 AM CEST until Wednesday, June 28 11:59 PM CEST, defeat Skeunk in his hideout to win an exclusive shield, the Skeunkield!

Useful Tips

  • Take a look here if you can't find your way to Skeunk's hideout, it is a hideout for a reason.
  • If you have trouble clearing the dungeon, you can take a peek here for help.
  • Once you've finished the dungeon, you can retrieve the Kaliptus Dofus and learn the Perfidious Boomerang spell!
  • To learn the spell, speak to Diamantine and give her 10 Brown Warko Boomerangs, 10 Dok Alako Boomerangs,10 Koalak Master Boomerangs, and 10 Bloody Koalak Boomerangs.
  • You can also get a Bloody Koalak pet with Emeralda as she is desperately looking for Koalak set items.
  • Event reward is valid once per account.
  • The reward is not dropped by the boss, instead it will be inserted to your account from July 3rd onwards.

Good luck and teach that nasty bard some manners!
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Replying to Sb-Clow

Hi Sb-Clow,

If you still haven't received your prize, kindly file a ticket here and our Support team will check your account.

See message in context
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This looks nice.
Sorry for comment in this post about this but I want to know.
In the Incarnam´s commandments contest I just posted my entry because only now I´ve got Internet.
Can I still participate? (Please let me participate biggrin )

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Score : 11

Help with the game!
From the maintenance, I can not enter, send error, and when I enter, the screen freezes when crossing the map or start fight

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Hi soulkingx,

Have you tried reinstalling the app? If you are still experiencing this issue, kindly file a ticket here and the Support team will help you troubleshoot.

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Como puedo saber sobre los eventos

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Score : 11

4 de Julio sigo esperando mi escudo :v

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Score : 5

5 de julio sigo esperando mi escudo :v

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Score : 5

aun no me dan el escudo y los amigos que estuvieron conmigo ya lo tienen

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Hello everyone,

We are looking at injecting the Skeunkield prize within the week. 

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los amigos que estuvieron conmigo ya tiene escudo y ami aun no me lo dan

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Flatops, i had a problem to claim the shield, apparently it is only mine, since my friends, who went with me to the dungeon, claimed it this morning, i want to know what i can do.

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Hi Sb-Clow,

If you still haven't received your prize, kindly file a ticket here and our Support team will check your account.

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aun no recibo mi escudo, estos eventos de dofus touch no han traido mas que errores y problemas no es posible que aun no me den el escudo

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Hi mr-beam,

You would need to file a ticket here so our Support team can check your event status.

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