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The Backstory of DOFUS Touch

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - February 01, 2018, 17:00:00
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In the beginning, there was nothing, a void… How about learning a bit more about the backstory, that element that lets us all soak up the game universe and become part of it? Let's go, follow the guide!

What is DOFUS Touch's backstory and how is it created?

A backstory, or background story, is the history of a game, book or creative endeavor that defines its context. DOFUS Touch is part of the "Krosmoz" and the context of the game is therefore based on it, and it serves as a reference to build the story.

Next, there is the universe itself: DOFUS Touch contains fictitious gods invented from scratch that govern the "World of Twelve" and have followers.

Then, there was a defining event – the theft of the Primordial Dofus on "The Cursed Day" – and the resulting main quest in which players try to reunite these Dofus. This quest makes it possible to bring into play protagonists who have already played a major role in the story prior to this event in order to fuel the intrigue, and cause and explain events that affect the backstory.

All these elements must work together in order to prevent inconsistencies and make sure players don't get lost between what happened in the universe before they arrived and what they discover as they advance in the game.

So, does that mean everyone can change it?

Well, no! Only game designers can alter the backstory: They are the ones that modify it and add to it as they produce game updates. They use past and future elements to dream up continuations and content.

As players, it is therefore theoretically impossible to bring a god into an in-game event for example; that would be inappropriate and not fit into the backstory.

What about DOFUS Touch in all that?

As [Tot] emphasized in the first issue of Gamakna, it is almost impossible to establish an exhaustive backstory that answers every question. However, certain choices can be justified by, for example, explaining that DOFUS Touch is set in the years before DOFUS. But that's one of many valid explanations.

You could also say that the two games happen at the same time, but that the inhabitants do not experience the same things.

Calling a volunteer Game Master!

[Morre-Jivant], a French speaking volunteer Game Master in DOFUS, currently preparing his arrival on the French DOFUS Touch servers after a very promising first event on Oshimo, answered a few questions that will give you a little more information.

How can players use the backstory?

One of the first reflexes among players just getting started in role play (RP) is to use aspects of the official DOFUS Touch backstory. One of the essential rules of RP is to not use characters from the backstory directly, and to draw a distinction between gameplay and the RP universe. It's best to use the context and the story.

Thus, you can use the background to explain things in a factual manner: "I'm organizing a tournament in honor of the great Iop warrior Goultard," for example. However, you cannot claim that Goultard himself has sent you on a mission. If you did, you'd be changing the story without having the right to do so.

What should we look at if we're interested in role-playing (RP) in DOFUS Touch?

There are many resources – official and unofficial – to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. The Krosmoz, Almanax and official news sites are sure things when it comes to the backstory.

Take a look at the Roleplay section of the official DOFUS forums, the Dofus RP wiki, and various players' blogs. Libraries, certain NPCs and books you can buy in the game can also satisfy your curiosity about the story this game provides!

[Ziphlot] and [Morre-Jivant] in a secret location plotting their next event


How do you explain certain differences between DOFUS and DOFUS Touch?

[Halden], a game designer and major player in the Krosmoz backstory*, explains this in detail

The principle behind Ankama's transmedia approach is to never tell the same story twice. So, inside a single universe, we explore several eras and several contexts. We also offer parallel stories and stories that complete each other, but from different points of view.

So, the cloudy peaks of Incarnam are not exactly the same in DOFUS and DOFUS Touch? That's not really a problem; they illustrate the concept of a dimension in which souls take living form. Even though the Sidimote Moors are not portrayed in the same way, they keep their fundamental characteristic – a land where life is hard, an ailing land, dominated by the presence of Brakmar.

We can see these two versions of the World of Twelve as two paintings that have many similarities but do not focus on the same details.

So, there's no need to look for complicated explanations to justify the differences between the two games. It's important to not get confused and stay consistent with the backstory, but there's no need to create an overly rigid framework… because the myths and legends of the Krosmoz emerge from a bubbling cauldron.


Finally, if you want to enliven your experience and master the game history, you can visit the Krosmoz site where there's a very detailed timeline: You'll learn everything about the World of Twelve from before its creation to today!


* [Halden] is also the author of DOFUS choose your own adventure books. Find out more.

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