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Event: A Very Interesting Visit

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - February 05, 2018, 10:00:00
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Decidedly, Lord Crow has been on everyone's lips lately. After his actions with King Allister during the Bwork Invasion, he thought it best to take you for cretins. For lack of a good thwack, it isn't looking good for him…

Surely, you haven't forgotten the many letters you sent him a few days ago? Well, we regret to inform you that Lord Crow decided to make a campfire out of them in front of his den to scare off a few Boowolves that were passing by.

With the Bworker's reinforcements having gone back to Sidimote, he surely thinks he's safe in his library to act in such a provocative way. What if you went and showed him that's not the case?

Event Details

From now until 11:59 PM CET on February 11, Miss Engere will offer you an event-based mini-quest during which you must kill Lord Crow in his dungeon to receive a brand new shield.

As a reminder, you can find Miss Engere at the Astrub Zaap, the Amakna Village Zaap, the Temple of Scriptures Zaap, or at the Bontarian or Brakmarian Militias.

The Reward

Once you've completed Miss Engere's quest, she will give you the Ambuckler.

After 11:59 PM on February 11, you will no longer be able to earn your reward.

Useful Tips

  • You must go through Miss Engere to participate and complete the event. If you kill Lord Crow without having joined the quest beforehand, you will not earn the reward.
  • Killing Lord Crow in the Arena does not complete the quest.


It's playtime!

Reactions 6
Score : 116
Whew, that was fun
Got my shield
1 0
Score : 34
What dose the sheiod give for stats ?
0 0
Score : 116
Not much 2 to 3% earth resistance in pvp
but it looks great
1 0
Score : 59
I had a good time doing this event, and is good to see a lot of people participating.
This means people like stuff like this, should be more
1 0
Score : 59
Si no la cumplo en el tiempo indicado, no habrá otra oportunidad en el futuro ?
Para no quedarme con la misión?
0 0
Score : 59
Busco gp pa la Masmo en brutas
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