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Betty Boom, Reporter

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - August 08, 2018, 16:00:00
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Located in a strategic spot on the event island of Vulkania, ready to welcome new arrivals, adventurers and holiday-goers, Betty Boom is the leading source of information on the archipelago. She is currently following up on a lead in order to learn more about the events, accompanied by her assistant who is in charge of transcribing everything that is said.

Betty Boom, reporter

Spanish version

Betty Boom: Hello, everyone! Some strange events have taken place in the World of Twelve recently. We're coming to you live from Vulkania where we are interviewing adventurers from the four corners of the World of Twelve in the hope of learning more.

Betty Boom: Sir! Yes! You with the Solomonk covering your face. Have you heard anything about the recent events?

Sacrier Disciple: Good day to you! As a matter of fact, I came across a strange sword when I was out hunting for Dreggons to fill my pantry. Some say that it belonged to a certain Cor Ageous, but I don't know any more than that.

Betty Boom: Thank you for that invaluable information! I'm going to see what others have to say on the matter. Let's go and question that young Cra.

Betty Boom: Hi there! Do you have any information on the rumors going around?

Cra Disciple: Hello Betty! I've been having a good time on the archipelago with my friends, but we did see a shattered bow hanging by its string from a branch. It sent shivers down our spines… As a Cra Disciple, I don't feel particularly reassured. May her arrow protect us...

Betty Boom: Take care of yourselves. We don't know exactly what happened. Thank you for talking to us.

Betty spies a masked figure in the distance. Intrigued, she goes over him to question him.

Betty Boom: Hello there, adventurer, could I take a few moments of your time? Do you know what's been going on around here? There seem to have been some dark discoveries on the Dreggon Peninsula and the Archipelago of Vulkania lately.

Intriguing Adventurer: I have nothing to say to you. Get far away from me before it's too late… Or you might regret it…

The man moves away at a fast pace, leaving a draft in his wake which messes up Betty's hair.

Betty Boom: What an odd way of talking to me! Let's keep away from that man. He has nothing to tell us.

That's a wra… Oh! What's that?

Betty bends down and picks up a letter. It is covered in wet sand and ash.

Betty Boom: What a strange letter. I'll keep it and take a look at it later. The writing is illegible. I hope that you made a note of everything.

That's a wrap!

First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

You can find the letter Betty Boom found here. Can you help decipher it?

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I feel like im missing something

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Lo que sucede es que después de guardar datos (Dofus Touch) el server se vuelve una mierda nadando en un mar de lagg... Hemos perdido muchas mazmorras por este suceso y la comunidad exige pronto arreglo. Desde Brutas, el reportero soy yo.

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Hi Killeer666,

We're aware of the latency issue. Are you still experiencing it after today's maintenance?

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en la mazmorra de ratas de bonta el logro audaz esta bugeado no lo cuenta cuando pasas bien la masmo ya lo hice 5 veces y no lo cuenta

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Hello everyone,

You can find the letter Betty Boom found here. Can you help decipher it?


Hello everyone,

A second letter has been found here, this time above the treetops.

Can you unlock its mystery?

What's the connection between the 2 letters?


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