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Al Howin Update!

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - October 24, 2018, 09:30:00
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Tremble, mere mortals, because the Al Howin update is online! Discover all the changes and what's new in this latest changelog.

Halloween Content

Various maps in the World of Twelve have been decorated to celebrate Halloween appropriately.

Furthermore, from October 30 to November 6, the World of Twelve's Tofus and Gobballs will be transformed by the Al Howin curse.

Useful info: During events like Al Howin and Saint Ballotwine, the monsters change and are therefore no longer the ones required for achievements and quests involving normal Gobballs and Tofus. They may validated either by waiting for the classic monsters to return to outside areas or by going to face the monsters in dungeons, where they won't be replaced.

Horrib Isle

Horrib Isle is back until December 4! As a reminder, it offers you the following content:
  • A 200 zone made up of a farm zone and boss room: "Plateau Ribilis".
  • A 50 zone made up of a farm zone and boss room: "Bonecurdler Beach".
  • A level-200 set and a level-50 set.
  • Two cosmetic shields.
  • Four quests.
  • Over 10 achievements.

Getting to Horrib Isle

To get there, you must still go through Marco Conut at [14,14]. This time, he'll ask you to carry out individual tasks before you're able to enter the sewers.

Tip: the "Pointed Bone" requested by Marco Conut can only be looted from skeletons found in the "Bandit Territory".


Changes and Fixes

  • The level-200 boss "Staff Deleghoul" has been modified to be a little tougher.
  • The quest "Macabre Nuptials" has been modified and corrected. Moreover, it is no longer in conflict with the Astrub quest "The Plant Dissension" offered by Erty Trapchet.
  • The spell "Ghoulish Tickle" of the monster "Ghoulaurant" has been modified and corrected.

Al Howin

The Al Howin's Vegetable Patch dungeon is open again until December 4! Head to [-1,22] to get there. Learn more from Papycha.

Its layout and design have been overhauled for your visual delight. The dungeon now consists of three rooms.

Don't retreat before the evil creatures that live in it: Not only will they let you craft the Punkin' Set, with its exclusive "Wimpkin" title, but if you manage to beat Al Howin, you'll also unlock an exclusive emote!

As a reminder, eight achievements are linked to Al Howin content:
  • six for the dungeon "Al Howin's Vegetable Patch",
  • two for event-related content.

Complete all the Horrib Isle and Al Howin successes to unlock the Wimpkin  ornament!



New Weapons

Five new weapons are available in the game:
  • The Ghoul Splitter sword – level 200,
  • The Corporation Shovel – level 200,
  • The Vampire Bloodlord Sword – level 165,
  • The Soft Oak Staff – level 140,
  • The Spanner's Wrench shovel – level 106.


  • The levels of all shields in the store and events have been harmonized at level 1 to make using Mimsymbics on them easier.
  • These shields now have a weight of 10.
  • The shield dedicated to Discord, the Shield O'Discord, is now available! It will be given out at the contest on the DOFUS Touch Discord server.
  • In preparation for the 2019 Dungeon Rusher schedule and for greater consistency, the "Ambuckler" shield has been renamed the "Trophy Lord Crow Shield".
  • For the same reason, the "Skeunkield" shield has been renamed the "Trophy Skeunk Shield".

Shariva Merchant

A new NPC is available to allow you to exchange Sharivakens (tokens received during roleplay events) for miscellaneous varied rewards. To find out more, please read this devblog.

You'll find the merchant at the Trading Counter in [5,3]. Additionally, this space has been enlarged to host new NPCs, including the famous Shariva Merchant!




  • The Celestial Gobball Set can now be used starting from level 6.
  • The Boon Set and its bonuses have been modified so they'll be more interesting for players who do the quest in order to get them.
  • The Boon Set can now be crafted by crafters.
  • The Issa Mess amulet is now obtained after the quest "The Path of Heroes".
  • The Flood headgear is now obtained after completing the first step of the quest "Toughen Up to Rough 'em up".


  • The bunch of keys is now obtained automatically upon leaving Incarnam.
  • The health point–recovery speed outside of combat has been doubled in Incarnam.
  • Merchant modes are not longer allowed outside the area's market place.
  • Some NPCs at the temple exit have been moved to other maps to avoid overwhelming new players.
  • The Incarnam Tofu family has been modified in order to offer more appealing fights. They now have fewer MP but have slightly more damage and health points.
  • A new Zaap is available in the "Lake" sub-area.
  • When a character dies in Incarnam and doesn't yet have a Zaap save, they are now teleported to the Zaap nearest to the area.
  • The visuals of Incarnam Zaaps have been modified.


Quests inviting players to get to Astrub are now offered later in the player experience. Since the 2017 Incarnam revamp, we've felt that new arrivals have enough to do and learn in this area until level 40. Players can still get to Astrub if they so desire by going to the hot air balloon to the east of Incarnam.
  • "Dungeonology": The quest has been adapted from levels 10 to 40, and now offers more XP and kamas once completed.
  • "The Relics of Ryzsun" and "The Relics of Setsun": The quest markers now appear one by one on the world map to avoid overwhelming the player.
  • "A Test of Humility": The NPC Samash Nehofitt now displays a question mark to continue the quest once the player has defeated him.
  • "The Reginator's New Clothes": The items required for this quest are now available right in Incarnam.
  • "Beads of Sweat": new quest.
  • "Bathwater": The quest has been removed. It made it possible to introduce the system of fountains that regenerated health points. These fountains were found nowhere else in the game, and we no longer found it relevant to overwhelm new players with this additional information.
  • "Snoo to You!" and "Fair Trade": These quests are no longer part of the achievement "Mortal Kombat" and have been moved to the achievement "Duty Calls". The rewards for these two achievements are now suited to their levels.
  • "A Full Quiver": The NPC "Beginner Archeress" talks to the player correctly when they complete the various steps of the quest. This NPC no longer consumes any excess of the resources required for the various steps of the quest.


We are aware of the matchmaking issues being experienced by players especially those at the higher ratings. With the introduction of the Class Change Potion, this issue has been accentuated as ratings drastically changed after consuming it. 

A revamp of the matchmaking system is not feasible for the end of the year so we have applied the following solutions for the mean time:
  • The maximum rating has been decreased from 2,300 to 1,200 as we noticed the matchmaking issues start at around 1,200 rating.
  • The default rating given to a player entering the Kolossium for the first time (or after using the Class Change Potion) has been decreased.
  • Players entering the Kolossium for the first time (or after using the Class Change Potion) will find that the odds changes faster so they can find matches right away.

We hope that with these changes, the odds will be smaller and that players will find more matches easily without losing quality fights.


  • In order to step up the fight against phishing, alerts are now shown right in the game when the player tries to follow a link in the chat window. Certain URLs have been completely blacklisted.
  • An alert is now visible right in the player's inventory when it is full or almost full.
  • The Guild's Second-in-Command can now edit guild announcements, even if the player has no rights.
  • Dragoturkey filters work correctly once again in the paddock interface and no longer show any black squares.

Cells and Overlaid Characters

  • When multiple players are positioned on the same cell, a new context menu now opens listing them. See this example.
  • When a player is positioned on an NPC's cell and another player clicks on that cell, the NPC's dialogue is now opened by default.
  • When a player is positioned on a merchant mode's cell and another player clicks on that cell, the merchant mode now opens by default.

Secret Recipes

Secret recipes that are no longer used in quests are no longer valid. Their recipes and bonuses are visible right in the game and in the encyclopedia on the DOFUS Touch website.

This concept was used in DOFUS to promote the transmedia aspect of the game. For example, certain recipes could be found in the TV series "Kerub's Bazaar".

This is no longer on the agenda in DOFUS Touch. We reserve the right to introduce new secret recipes in the future, but ones directly linked to DOFUS Touch media.


  • Several problems involving Chill Pills have been fixed:
    • the pill time counter is now shown correctly if it exceeds 99;
    • the counter is no longer shown once the pill has been fully consumed;
    • the counter is no longer shown once you change characters.
  • When a player tries to rename their character using a nickname that is already taken, the error message no longer reminds players of the rules, but explains the exact problem instead.


  • Using the trade (/b) and recruitment (/r) channels is now reserved for characters of at least level 20.
  • The titles given out during the Crimson Dawn event are no longer automatically removed each time you log out.
  • A new Phoenix is available on map [-10,-6].
  • The stairs in the Astrub Tunnels are now more easily accessible, especially on smaller mobile devices.
  • During the quest "Whipping Boy", the NPC Rekojeht's position is now indicated correctly.
  • Bamboo trees have been added to various maps in Pandala.
  • Several fishing spots are now accessible correctly.
  • A translation problem has been fixed in the Dopple temple masters' dialogues. The player was informed that they were going to lose all their scroll points when using the restat power, which was never the case.
  • Interactions on various World of Twelve maps, as well as how the maps are reached and displayed, have been fixed.
  • Due to technical concerns, the Hard-Head Dam dungeon in the Stubbyobs area will not be accessible until December.

Stay on the lookout, because other events involving Al Howin may occur in the coming days…
First Ankama intervention

Replying to JirenHitto

Hi jirenHitto,

May I know what device are you using?

See message in context
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totally over priced this new bone pack..

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Score : 5

I have a character 130 and the matchmaking makes me fight against 160 or 150 . You have only fixed the problem for the level 190-200 characters

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Score : 1

La pantalla al inicar sesion se queda en negro, abro mi pj y entra pero la pantalla esta totalmente negra

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Hi jirenHitto,

May I know what device are you using?

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Can you fix problem with miner bots? This situation is not normal. Check player < Forum Rules >

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Or player < Forum Rules > he walking by 2 maps 2 hours ... server grandpha

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I haven't checked the whole city yet, but a survey of ten maps shows that there are still many broken fishing locations in Sufokia. When will these be fixed?

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Hola sigue el bug de los iop? Cuando se lanza precipitación te quita RL doble de Pa al siguiente turno.

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Porfavor arreglen el bug de la precipitacion y de olfato que mala experiencia estoy llevando que la precipitacion se buguee en el siguiente turno y quite 8 pa en ves de 4

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Can you United the professions?

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Hello guys,

Thank you for the reports, we'll check them.

Happy Al Howin!

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was it a balance choice that the Ghoul Splitter and the Corporation Shovel cannot crit or was that simply forgotten?

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Me dijeron que tengo un regalo y me piden un código y no tengo ese código ni me dieron dicho código cómo hago para reclamar ese regalo ??

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Are the pointed bones supposed to be difficult to drop? I have fought over 100 chafers in the Bandit Territory's area on my iop and have only dropped 2.

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Score : 1214

They have 100% drop and you gain 1 per chafer.

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No puedo entrar más de una vez en la cala del peñon quemazón nivel 60, la hice una vez y no puedo entrar de nuevo y tengo la misión de matar a hueso pesado.

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Tienes la llave?

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