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A Few Points on Ascension Island

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - December 21, 2018, 14:00:00

Just over a week after the launch of Update 1.37, we want to discuss a few points with you about the new PvM feature.

The advantage of this new feature is that it can only be improved over rotations, every 2 months to be exact! Regarding the current rotation, we will do our best to solve the issues experienced, some of which are mentioned below.

We already have several ideas on how to improve the next rotation, which takes place on February 2019. Here is a small summary of our plans!

Multiple Accounts

We discovered that the multi-account restriction was not in place for Ascension Island. The restriction has been put in place as of December 19th's maintenance, but the damage has been done. It is difficult to distinguish players who have voluntarily used three accounts knowing that this should be blocked, and those who have done so unintentionally.

Nevertheless, we will know those that have abused the restriction and they will be heavily sanctioned as well as being excluded in the ladder rankings. 

As a reminder, each player has the right to use a maximum of two accounts for Ascension Island.

The Ladder Rankings

The ladder rankings will be available soon directly in-game via the Ascension Island interface and then on the official DOFUS Touch website. In the meantime, here are the rankings as of 19 December.

The "Retry" Button

After studying your feedback about the retry button that pops-up after a defeat, it will soon be adjusted as follows:

  • Modification of its interface to make it clear what it is
  • The button will only appear after all the others (end of combat, resurrection near a phoenix)

This is only a first step and we are studying other options!

Difficulty of Finding Partners

The system of improving the score which also restricts power-leveling, for us seems too restrictive and prevents the players to find suitable partners to advance in the dungeon.

We are studying different possibilities to improve this. If you have any suggestions, it's time to leave a comment below!


Scaling is the technical aspect of the dungeon that assigns statistics to each monster according to the floor in which it is located.

This does not work correctly for summons. Despite initial adjustments, they are still too powerful and we want to improve this.

Another avenue being contemplated on would be to smoothen the difficulty even more. The feature wants to be open from level 100, but on the field, the climb is difficult if the players are not level 200 and not well equipped. The goal is for players not to be blocked and discouraged after only 10 floors. We plan to make the upper floors easier in the beginning, with increasing difficulty as you go higher.

Nothing is definite yet and we will continue to study your feedback on this matter!

Dungeon Participation

We feel that we can have more players participating in the dungeon by solving the issues mentioned above. In addition, we plan to highlight the feature directly in-game, for example by presenting it to players when they reach level 100.

We've shared with you the major points that will be studied and improved on as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to leave a comment after this news. We would also like to thank all the players that have shared with us their feedback from the start.

Enjoy the holidays!

First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

We appreciate all of your constructive feedback. We will study all of them thank you.

Happy holidays!

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Ascension Island is fun, but not readily accessible for all players. Having Frigost 3 mats as part of the entrance quest might be balanced on French Servers with an overproduction of resources, but according to the leaderboard only 70 people or so have passed the first threshold on Grandapan.

In response to your question about how to make finding groups more accessible, you could reuse the game code for the Koloseum group finding feature: a person registers for a specific Threshold, then goes about their game. When a match is found they are notified and then can zzap or teleport to the temple.

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My only problem is. Teaming with poeple, o when i try to access the dungeon its impossible to find psrtners, only multisccounts do go to the dungeon and people that want to try often begin on low Chambers and loose interest. I'm stranded in chamber 14

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Hello, i find asencion imteresting, and i would like to see its popularity raised.
One suggestion i have is the the posibbility to unlock a 3% drop and xp boost por the time the rotation lasts by completing a low level floor (10 for example), that way people would have an incentive to start ascencion, and, if the content is good, people will keep playing it.

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I like the suggestion from VonTheViking and think it's well worth considering.

I especially like the idea of a Kolossium-style matchmaking system.

And on a separate topic, I'd like to suggest that the dev team extend the restriction of 2 accounts per IP address to all dungeons. This would go a very long way to encouraging people to form groups with other players, and I think would also do a lot to balance the economy. As it is right now, high-level dungeon-exclusive materials are farmed almost exclusively by multi-loggers and solo players end up having to pay extortionate prices. 

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Just want to add that Disgustus makes some excellent points - I really would like to see a shift towards solo accounts, that was my hope with Ascention Island, but A. Finding teams is near impossible (especially for players like me, who pop on to clear a room or two then pop off), B. it is NOT suitable for solo play (even at lv200 pushing the early floors is astonishingly hard). I would love an option to only enter the battle with one character (solo mode) with the mobs tailored to that. Please add something worthwhile for solo only players besides Dopples! The main reason I play touch is it compliments my busy life - I like to log on attempt a challenging battle or two and log off, please make ascention island fit this!

*edit* To expand on the Solo Only Mode idea for the new dungeon, consider leaving the monsters at their natural stats as found in the game, to balance this maybe make the rewards lower. (make it an option when you enter the dungeon, so you have to climb either Solo or group.. to avoid people jumping back and forth)

One more thing, please add drops, even if they are 1/4 of what they are naturally, just something else to suppliment climbing the ladder.... but this is less important then adding a solo mode.

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hola yo tengo una pregunta como hago para entrar o empezar con las mazmorras a un no he entendido como, gracias.

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Alas I have to disagree with Disgustus here, though other points he has made in the past are well thought out, the restriction of 2 accounts per dungeon outside of Asscention Island is not well founded outside of this scope.

Asscention island is Competitive PVM not the generalized of the rest of the game, and while there is already a simalar restriction for PVP it again is considered competitive.

If all dungeons where linked to a leaderboard I could understand this idea more so, but as they are not I have to disagree unfortunately.

Along side this, the point raised by Gray-Six, a solo scale for asscention is an interesting idea, just like how after 4 characters in a standard dungeon the fights have extra monsters added one the 5th, 6th, and so on players join the group. So to I think mildly echo, scaling of mobs based on the levels, and composition of the challenging group who opts to take on the challenge?

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to encourage people to participate more.
should do 3 levels and at each level a different NPC offering support
1 level npc or ferece 10% discount on vip with kamas
2 level npc offers to resuceisao of pets (nescessario kamas)
3 level npc offers the possibility of breaking teams to get the item back.

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it could be nice a system to find people with same objetives, like missions, dungeon or achievements. Now It is bored look for specific races, i think its a reason of the high number of multiplayers in the game.

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Hello everyone,

We appreciate all of your constructive feedback. We will study all of them thank you.

Happy holidays!

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hello i am a crocodile (in the part of the mission) says that i must to enter at the island, but that´s not possible, someone can help please?

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Sugerencia: Hablando sobre el tema de no encontrar compañeros, se podria implementar un sistema similar al de koliseo, una inscripción que sea por niveles.

Suggestion: Talking about the issue of not finding partners, you can implement a system similar to the koliseo, an inscription that is by levels.

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