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Osamodas Redesign

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 15, 2019, 14:00:00
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During the balancing beta that will be coming soon, you'll have the opportunity to check out and test the Osamodas class redesign. We tell you more about it in this devblog!
DOFUS Touch Osamodas Redesign


Objectives of the Redesign

The objective of the Osamodas class redesign is make it more strategical and give it greater potential in handling its Summons. We want to encourage Osamodas characters to play with their Summons, whether it's by using them to move around, offer support to allies or simply to inflict damage.

The current Osamodas gameplay didn't suit us because the player was too confined to a role of pure support, remaining hidden behind their Summons. Their abilities were blocked as soon as they found themself trapped in close combat. Playing with the Summons was also a problem because it was too dependent on the arbitrary decisions of the AI, which can sometimes be difficult to grasp.

Our main lines of thought for this redesign were the following:
  • How can we motivate Osamodas characters to take part in combat alongside Summons? Offer them greater abilities to escape when in trouble: Tofu symbiosis, Gobball symbiosis, Substitution. Give them the opportunity to help their short- and medium-range Summons.
  • How can we provide a support role that is less direct to their allied players? Effects requiring initial action: Martyr, special Symbiosis spells or a sacrifice: Bestial Heal, Substitution, etc.
  • How can we strengthen control over Summons and make them less random, especially in PvM? Offer more ways to influence the behavior of Summons: Symbiosis, Determination and Tracked state, Lashing Claw.
  • How can we encourage Osamodas characters to focus on characteristics and not on Vitality and resistance alone? Summons now benefit from the primary and some of the secondary characteristics of the caster. Optimizing your Summons now requires you to optimize your equipment!

We want to encourage Osamodas gameplay around renewing Summons rather than accumulating them, which is why many of the spells now require one or more Summons to be sacrificed in order to be cast.

With these changes, the Osamodas class will have three distinct elementary paths, each offering a balanced number of spells, to which the utility spells will be added.
  • The Air path, based on mobility and positioning/movement;
  • The Water path, based on boosting the damage of the Osamodas and their Summons;
  • The Fire path, based on heals and debuffs.

Osamodas characters will have only five different Summons, but they'll have better durability and capabilities. Actually, these Summons will receive part of the summoner's vitality as well as part of the characteristic and elementary damage of the Summons's corresponding element. The goal is to encourage players to adopt equipment that isn't based only on durability (Vitality, resistance, etc.) but also on characteristics and damage in order to offer more diversity in the choice of equipment.

In addition to the primary characteristics, some Summons also have other characteristics of the caster depending on the spells and role they have (see the summary at the end of the devblog).

List of Spells by Elemental Path


Air path  

  • Summoning of Tofu (Level 1)
  • Crow (Level 6)
  • Whip (Level 17)
  • Summoning of Boar (Level 42)
  • Gust (Level 60)

Water path

  • Lashing Claw (Level 1)
  • Summoning of Gobball (Level 9)
  • Tumult (Level 31)
  • Martyr (Level 54)
  • Determination (Level 90)

Fire path

  • Ghostly Claw (Level 3)
  • Substitution (Level 21)
  • Summoning of Koalak (Level 26)
  • Crackler Punch (Level 48)
  • Summoning of Red Wyrmling (Level 80)

Utility Spells

  • Feline Movement (Level 1)
  • Bestial Heal (Level 13)
  • Favouritism (Level 36)
  • Communion (Level 70)
  • Symbiosis (Level 100)
  • Spiritual Leash
  • Osamodas Dopple (Level 200)

Spell Descriptions and Acquisition Levels

Good to Know

  • The AP cost and Range of some existing spells may have changed.
  • When it says "Summons", this means all allied Summons on the battlefield.
  • When it says "Caster's Summons", this means all Summons used by the Osamodas, including common Summons.
  • When it says "Class Summons", this means all the Osamodas's basic invocations (excluding Dopples).

Summoning of Tofu – Level 1

  • Summons a Tofu which inflicts Air damage and steals Agility from opponents.
  • The maximum number of uses per turn is now 1 at spell level 6.

Feline Movement – Level 1

  • Increases the MP of Summons and, to a lesser extent, allies.

Lashing Claw – Level 1

  • Inflicts Water damage and increases damage inflicted on the target by any Summons.
  • Damage has been reduced.

Ghostly Claw – Level 3

  • Inflicts Fire damage and steals HP.
  • A health steal effect has been added.

Crow – Level 6

  • The Crow inflicts Air damage on the enemy and doesn't require line of sight to be cast.
  • The spell now belongs to the Air element instead of Fire.

Summoning of Gobball – Level 9

  • Summons an aggressive Gobball that inflicts Water damage and removes Dodge.
  • The attack element of the Gobball has been changed.
  • The Gobball removes Dodge from the target.
  • The Gobball spell applying the Gravity state has been removed.

Bestial Heal – Level 13

  • Sacrifices a Summons that uses some of its HP to heal allies in an area of effect. Only works with the caster's Summons.

Whip – Level 17

  • Inflicts Air damage on enemies and reduces damage inflicted by it for 1 turn.
  • Kills the target and refunds the AP cost if it's one of the caster's class Summons.
  • The spell now belongs to the Air element instead of Earth.
  • On a class Summons of the caster: Now returns the AP cost of the Summons killed to the caster.
  • On an enemy: Now reduces the damage inflicted by the target.

Substitution – Level 21

  • Trades places with the targeted class Summons belonging to the caster, and then kills it.
  • If the Summons has the Favouritism state, this state replaces it.
  • After being summoned, the Summons inflicts Fire damage on enemies and heals adjacent allies.

Summoning of Koalak – Level 26

  • Summons a Koalak that inflicts Fire damage and heals in an area of effect around the target.

Tumult – Level 31

  • Inflicts Water damage and increases the caster's Power.

Favouritism – Level 36

  • Kills all the caster's class Summons except the one targeted. It gains 1 AP, 1 MP, 10% Vitality, and 25% damage per Summons sacrificed.

Summoning of Boar – Level 42

  • Summons a Boar that inflicts Air damage and pushes back opponents.
  • The boar now inflicts Air damage.

Crackler Punch – Level 48

  • This spell inflicts Fire damage and hits enemies in an area of effect.
  • The spell no longer inflicts damage on allies.

Martyr – Level 54

  • For 2 turns, if the targeted Summons dies, it inflicts area-of-effect damage around it and increases damage dealt by allies in the area for 1 turn.
  • Works with all of the caster's Summons.

Gust – Level 60

  • On an enemy: Inflicts Air damage.
  • On a Summons: Inflicts Air damage on nearby enemies and repels entities adjacent to the targeted Summons.

Communion – Level 70

  • Divides damage among the caster's class Summons and increases their AP.

Summoning of Red Wyrmling – Level 80

  • This spell summons a red wyrmling that deals Fire damage and removes enemy bewitchments.

Determination – Level 90

  • Inflicts Water damage and applies the Tracked state to the target.
  • Targets in the Tracked state will be attacked first by the caster's class Summons if they can.

Symbiosis – Level 100

  • Makes it possible to take control of one of the caster's class Summons. Unlocks a special spell based on the Summons during its turn.
    • Tofu: switches places with an ally.
    • Gobball: attracts an entity.
    • Koalak: heals an ally in exchange for part of their health.
    • Boar: pushes the target. It applies the Gravity state in a cross around it (and on itself) if it suffers pushback damage.
    • Wyrmling: applies the Unhealable state to the target.

Spiritual Leash – Special Spell

  • Revives the last allied character who died.
  • If the summoner dies, the revived character dies too.
  • The revived entity has the Zombie and Unhealable states for the rest of the fight.
  • The Unhealable state is now applied for the entire duration of the fight.
  • The Zombie state is now applied for the entire duration of the fight.
  • The spell no longer applies a resistance penalty to casters and their allies.

Summary of Characteristics Transferred to Summons


  • Vitality: 30% of the Osamodas's basic health points.
  • Agility: 50% of total Agility.
  • Air damage bonus: 50% of total Air damage.


  • Vitality: 75% of the Osamodas's basic health points.
  • Chance: 50% of total Chance.
  • Water damage bonus: 50% of total Water damage.
  • Lock: 50% of total Lock.


  • Vitality: 80% of the Osamodas's basic health points.
  • Intelligence: 50% of total Intelligence.
  • Fire damage bonus: 50% of total Fire damage.
  • Heals: 50% of total heals.


  • Vitality: 70% of the Osamodas's basic health points.
  • Agility: 50% of total Agility.
  • Air damage bonus: 50% of total Air damage.
  • Pushback damage: 50% of total.

Red Wyrmling

  • Vitality: 65% of the Osamodas's basic health points.
  • Intelligence: 50% of total Intelligence.
  • Fire damage bonus: 50% of total Fire damage.

When the update occurs, Osamodas players' characteristics and spells points will be reset.

We'll see you soon in the beta to check it all out under real conditions!
First Ankama intervention

Replying to chinita-muertes

Hi chinita-muertes,

Thanks for the feedback we've noted it! You can also post your feedback in our Spanish section

See message in context
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Score : 198
This is nice, I would like enutrof changes too please XD
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Score : 33
its a good updated but  please don't change this Dofus unlit get to the actual version because if people are leaving the Dofus 2.52 to get here and play its because you did a mess on that version just don't do a mess withs this one we have money and time invest in here be considered thanks 
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Score : 1
bueno esta bien , ahora es necesario nerfear el rekop de los zurkaracks que se acumula, eso es un desastre total
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Hi chinita-muertes,

Thanks for the feedback we've noted it! You can also post your feedback in our Spanish section

Score : 79
What about pandas?
You guys can't let the pandas die sad
0 0
Score : 350
wdym? pandas are one of the most useful classes in the game pvm-wise... they are far from dying
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Score : 2
Los Pandas, dejar que puedan controlar el Enlace Espirituoso
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Hi qawsedrfcvgt,

Thanks for the feedback we've noted it! You can also post your feedback in our Spanish section

Score : 1
Some spells in roublard class are useless...please think about them next time!
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Score : 1
se van a tirar el juego otra ves deje 2.0 por que se lo tiraron con esas reformas y esos nuevos personajes van a colocar este igual me gusta dofus pero si colocan el juego igual que el de pc dejo esto no sirve se tiran todo con esas reformas  si su objetivo es colocarlo igual que el de pc van en el mal camino otra vez 
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Hi Deadpoolover,

Thanks for the feedback we've noted it! You can also post your feedback in our Spanish section

Score : 228
I am not sure about such great changes, yes,it was nice as it was.It is good to give control on summons and add healing summon but in general it makes osa much different from previous gameplay.
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Score : 522
Well done on making new spells that are quite interesting.
It certainly feels like their damage is more independent and put towards summons but at the same time my reliance as a buffer towards my allies/teammates summons looks non-existent. No more High Energy Shot or Toad on teammates, or Natural Defense on an Enu's Living Bag.
I'm elated to summon a Koalak for the first time!
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Score : 11
I threw dofus on a PC and found this one ... and you spoil it. I just made a power hero, and you kill him. where is my whip (((... who will you kill next? Grandfather? And then spoil the animal husbandry?
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Score : 1
this is partly why i quit the pc version, and probably will soon quit the touch version. How after 13+ years are you still tinkering with classes rather than just adding new ones? How possibly can you not have balanced them yet?.... This is needless tinkering when adding new good content and new classes would be better. This is a complete change to a much loved class, making it almost something else entirely. Why not make it a new class? ruining the game on touch too, well done ankama.
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Score : 18
Hi, well I m happy with osamodas as it is, but I m looking forward to see the changes, I hope u don't ruin it like u once did with my water eniripsa. Why not just add a few more classes? Would be so much fun. Thanks for ur work
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Score : 1
Me parece que dependiendo del cambio y la aceptación de este en nosotros (sus clientes); deberían permitir que los usuarios que no queramos actualizar nuestro osamoda lo podamos dejar cómo está, ya que se le ha invertido dinero y tiempo.
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Score : 1
Dejen asi como esta dofus touch no inventen actualización sin sentido porfavorrrrrrrr.....
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Score : 1248
Deberian dejar que el sram controle a su invocacion seria como un detonador de trampas y placador ya que aveces se van hasta por una zanahowia
0 0
Score : 161
It might be good, probably. If u cld have such results about all of classes, an not in next 10 years, but earlier
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Score : 57
I want to see a redesign of the xelors and more races cause i think that is necessary don't improve race by race aming every race in a big update
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Score : 355
With a redesign of the class, will a class change potion be offered for those of us who no longer want to play an osa?  I wouldnt be opposed to deleting mine and making a new character but I've put in a good amount of time in leveling my 3 profs and maguses on my osa...
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Hi MorbidAngelus,

We won't be offering a Class Change Potion, instead we'll reset Osamodas player's characteristic and spell points.

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