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Beta: Spell Balancing #2

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 17, 2019, 11:15:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

The class balancing beta is now available via the "DOFUS Touch Early" app! It will be running for much of the summer; find out what's new in this changelog.

DOFUS Touch 2019 Balancing Beta


Before We Get Started

As you know, balancing generates a lot of feedback and debate! In order to provide guidance and to debate under ideal conditions, we decided to put a few rules in place. If you'd like to be heard by the staff and the rest of the community, here's what you should remember:
  • All feedback about the beta must be made in this section of the official forum (you may need to log out and back in to enable access);
  • A topic is available for each class modified, as well as for each related topic – that's where you can provide your feedback and suggestions;
  • There's no point in suggesting additional changes – only potential adjustments will be made to the changes laid out in this changelog;
  • A single topic will be available to report any bugs encountered;
  • All messages that are barely debated and do not further the debate will be deleted and sanctioned where appropriate;
  • All your feedback will be read and analyzed by the staff, but do not expect a systematic response.

Accessing the Beta Version of the Game

The beta is available now!

To access it:
  • If you're on an Apple device, visit the App Store, look up the "DOFUS Touch Early" app, and download it.
  • With Google, you'll need to use this link on your mobile device to access it.

If you are unable to perform the update, please reinstall the application completely.

No actions performed in this version of the game will have any impact on the classic servers.

Please don't forget that this is a beta version and you might encounter various issues, as the point is to correct them before the official update!

Osamodas Class Revamp

The Osamodas class has been completely revamped so as to offer a more balanced and interesting gameplay. To find out more, please read the dedicated devblog.

Changes to the Other Classes

Characteristics Threshold Revamp

With a view to offering three viable elemental paths to each class and diversifying the quantity of equipment available to each class as much as possible, in the long run, we think it's important to balance all the classes' characteristics thresholds on the same basis, namely:
  • 1 for 1 up to 100
  • 2 for 1 up to 200
  • 3 for 1 up to 300
  • 4 for 1 up to 400

For this phase of balancing, we chose to focus on five classes to which we wanted to apply changes: Sadida, Sram, Rogue, Feca, and Osamodas.

For each of these classes (excluding Rogue), this balancing of the thresholds will go hand in hand with readjusting the damage and/or characteristics of certain spells so they'll better match the new possibilities of that class. Higher thresholds will actually make it possible to reach sometimes much greater numbers of characteristics and it is therefore necessary to take them into account in the damage values that spells can inflict.


The changes to the Sadida class aim to makes its gameplay more interesting by enhancing synergies between its various spells and, therefore, its area-control potential. By adding more utilitarian effects, such as earthquake or healing, we also tried to make it easier to integrate it into different PvP and PvM make-ups at all levels.

Spell Changes

Aggressive Bramble
  • The AP cost has been changed: 5 → 4
  • The critical hit rate has been increased:
  • The maximum range at spell level 6 has been reduced 7 → 6
  • An MP-stealing effect (dodgeable) has been added for each spell
  • The maximum number of casts per turn is now 2

Tree of Life
  • It is now possible to use this spell on a Tree.
  • If the spell is cast on a doll, the player automatically recovers 1 AP.
  • The spell can no longer be cast on an allied Sadida's Summons.

These changes will make the spell more flexible in use while anticipating it will remain interesting.

Soothing Bramble
  • Removes 3 MP for each level of the spell.
  • The spell no longer heals enemies.
  • The spell no longer reduces allies' MP.
  • The spell range is no longer modifiable.
  • The spell no longer has critical hits.

These changes will highlight Sadidas' support and hindrance role.

  • The Summons's resistances have been changed
  • The AP cost has been reduced: 3 → 2
  • The recast time is reduced at each spell level.

With a view to making Sadidas' trees more interesting, in addition to serving as a target for the Tree of Life Summons, it will be able to serve as a relay for the Inflatable's heals in order to strengthen the area-control potential.

  • The spell's effects have been changed.
  • Casts a spell on each tree on the battlefield that:
    • Inflicts Fire damage on opponents
    • Reveals invisible enemies
    • Attracts the entities present by one cell

Doll Knowledge
  • The spell's effects have been changed.
  • Temporarily increases dolls' Vitality.

Poisoned Wind
  • The spell's effects have been changed.
  • Kills the targeted doll or tree and inflicts an Earth poison in an area of effect lasting two turns.
  • If the spell is cast on a doll, the caster recovers 1 AP.


Dolls' Vitality and characteristics have been increased.

Dolls' resistances have been changed.

Dolls now have a passive spell: Compost. When a doll dies, the Tree spell recast time is reset to zero.
  • The Ultra-Powerful
    • The doll no longer skips its turn without doing anything.
  • Sacrificial Doll
    • The level-6 Summons's range has been increased to 3.
    • The damage inflicted by the Sacrificial Doll is now in the Earth element.
    • Base damage has been reduced.
    • The initial cooldown of the doll's explosion has been removed. The doll will explode as soon as it encounters an opponent.
    • New spell: At the start of each of its turns, the Sacrificial Doll's damage and Vitality will be increased (stackable 3 times). It effectively becomes interesting to anticipate using it in order to maximize its potential.
  • Madoll
    • The Irritation spell is no longer shared with other in-game monsters, which should improve the AI's calculation time
    • The spell effects are now visible in the timeline.
  • Inflatable Doll
    • Healing the doll can now be performed around the player's trees as well.

  • The acquisition level for certain spells has been changed in order to better distribute the attack elements as well as the capacities.

Following the balancing of the characteristics thresholds, the following spells have been changed:
  • Bramble
    • Critical damage has been increased.
    • Damage inflicted on critical hits is no longer of a fixed value.
    • A maximum number of casts per turn has been added: max. 3/turn.
  • Manifold Bramble
    • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
    • Increases the rate of Critical Hits.
    • Damage inflicted on critical hits is no longer of a fixed value.
    • The spell no longer inflicts damage on any of the caster's Summons.
  • Tear
    • The AP cost has been changed: 4 → 3
    • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
  • Dolly Sacrifice
    • The range has been changed: 4 → 3
    • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
    • Increases the rate of Critical Hits.
  • Wild Grass
    • Damage is increased at all levels for the spell.
    • The spell effects are now visible in the timeline.
  • Bush Fire
    • A maximum number of casts per turn has been added: max. 3/turn.
    • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
    • Damage inflicted on critical hits is no longer of a fixed value.


The Feca class has been modified so as to make it more versatile in its support and hindrance role to the detriment of its AP reduction potential, which made it too powerful a class in PvP. It now has three distinct paths and more spells thanks to the groupings of armor.

The way glyphs currently work was too decisive as a round progressed, which is why we wanted to orient the Feca class toward glyphs with a greater variety of uses (Range reduction, MP reduction, etc.). However, their impact is limited to the glyph's area of effect, which makes the opponent's positioning more strategic to optimize their use.

With a view to not fully obstructing a round due to glyph stacking, using an elemental glyph will prevent another one from being used during the same turn.

Spell Changes

Aggressive Glyph
  • The spell now inflicts Earth damage on enemies and increases the close-combat damage of entities inside the glyph.

Blinding Glyph
  • The spell now inflicts Water damage on enemies and reduces the range of entities inside the glyph.

Burning Glyph
  • The spell still inflicts Fire damage and now reduces the MP of entities inside the glyph.

Escape Glyph
  • Replaces the Immobilisation Glyph.
  • Reduces the Lock of entities inside the glyph.

Repulsion Glyph
  • The spell damage has been reduced at levels 1–5.

  • The spell has become Teleglyph: It teleports the caster and triggers the glyphs including the destination cell.

  • The AP reduction becomes 2 at all spell levels.
  • The spell damage has been increased.
  • The spell now inflicts Earth damage.
  • The spell area of effect is now a diagonal cross.

Reinforced Protection
  • The spell's effects have been changed.
  • Increases the resistance to pushback damage as well as the critical resistances of the target for 1 turn.
  • The effects cannot be unbewitched.

  • Replaces Earth Shield.
  • Reduces damage (all elements) suffered by the caster and their allies.

  • Replaces Glowing Shield.
  • Gives a resistance bonus for two turns to allies in a cross in exchange for part of the caster's resistances.
  • Penalties on the caster cannot be unbewitched.

  • Replaces Windy Shield.
  • Inflicts Fire damage on enemies and repels targets in a line (orthogonal).

  • Replaces Aqueous Shield.
  • Applies the Gravity state around the caster for 1 turn and gives them a Lock bonus for each enemy in the area of effect.

  • The acquisition level for certain spells has been changed in order to better distribute the attack elements as well as the capacities.

Following the balancing of the characteristics thresholds, the following spells are being changed:
  • Bubble
    • The maximum stacking of the spell effects is now 1.
  • Cloudy Attack
    • The spell now has a minimum range.
    • The range has been changed for all spell levels.
    • Critical damage is no longer of a fixed value.
    • The chances of critical hits have been increased.


Changing the Sram characteristics thresholds was the opportunity to give the class more-specialized elemental paths, orienting the class in one (or more!) elements based on the preferred gaming style.

The elemental paths will be generally oriented as follows:
  • Fire path: networks of traps and movements
  • Air path: poisons
  • Earth path: raw damage and damage traps

Resulting Spell Changes

  • Replaces Invisibility of Another.
  • Creates an area of effect that makes entities that cross it invisible. It works the same way as Feca glyphs.

  • Replaces Chakra Impulse.
  • Applies an Air poison at the end of turn that is transferred to nearby enemies.

Repelling Trap
  • The spell now inflicts Fire damage on enemies.

Sap Trap
  • Replaces Poisoned Trap.
  • The trap's area of effect is now single cell.
  • Removes one turn of bewitchment, then inflicts Earth damage if it is an enemy.

  • The Furrow spell is changing names in order to better match its effects.
  • Damage has been reduced at all levels.
  • The order in which the effects are applied has been changed as follows: Intelligence theft → Attraction → Damage.

  • The acquisition level for certain spells has been changed in order to better distribute the attack elements as well as the capacities.

Following the balancing of the characteristics thresholds, the following spells are being changed
  • Tricky Blow
    • the damage has been reduced
  • Concentration
    • the damage has been reduced
  • Tricky Trap
    • the damage has been reduced
  • Perfidy
    • the damage has been reduced



Spell Changes

  • Spell damage has been increased slightly at all spell levels.
  • When the spell hits a target, it also inflicts damage in an area of effect around the target.

  • Damage is increased at all levels for the spell.

  • Damage has been reduced at all levels.
  • The spell's AP cost is modified: 4 → 3.
  • At level 6, the spell repels by 3 cells instead of 2.
  • The chances of critical hits have been reduced.



Spell Changes

Explosive Arrow
  • The spell damage has been increased.
  • The range is now fixed.

Retreat Arrow
  • The AP cost has been reduced: 4 → 3.

Bat's Eye
  • The damage area of effect was not the same as the area of effect to reveal invisible entities. Both areas of effect are now the same.

Numbing Arrow
  • Replaces Poisoned Arrow.
  • If used on an ally, reduces damage suffered by them.
  • If used on an enemy, reduces damage inflicted by them.



Spell Changes

  • The spell now applies an "Out of Phase" state to the caster. The state cannot be unbewitched.
  • The Out of Phase state:
    • Prevents the Devotion spell from being used.
    • Prevents the Rewind spell from being used.
    • Prevents the Cog spell AP gain from working.

Xelor's Dial
  • The Dial now gets 50% of the caster's Agility characteristic as well as Air damage.
  • The spell's range has been reduced.
  • The Dial no longer deals damage to allies.

Dial – Oscillation
  • The spell's damage has been reduced.

Dial – Weakness
  • The AP Parry penalty has been increased at all levels for the spell.

Dial – Imbroglio
  • Replace the Pendulum spell.
  • When the Dial has 5 AP, this spell will be cast first.
  • Teleports nearby enemies symmetrically in relation to the Dial (two-cell circle).

This change to the Dial aims to make using it more strategic both in PvP and PvM.



Spell Changes

  • The AP cost has been reduced: 4 → 3.

  • AP cost has been increased: 1 → 2.



Spell Changes

Harpooners, Tacturrets and Lifesavers
  • Turrets can now be moved.

Salt Armour
  • When the spell is cast on a turret, prevents it from being moved for 2 turns.



Spell Changes

Pull Out

The spell's effects can no longer be unbewitched.

  • The spell no longer has critical effects.
  • The spell's effects have been changed:
    • The AP cost has been reduced: 7 → 5.
    • Applies the Pacifist state to the target for 1 turn.
    • On an ally: heals 40% of the target's HP.
    • On an enemy: applies the Invulnerable state for 1 turn.



Spell Changes

  • The maximum number of times the spell can be used is now 4.
  • The maximum number of times it can be used per target has been reduced: 3 → 2.

  • The recast time of the spell has been increased: 3 → 4.



Characteristics Threshold Balancing

Since this change provides a minimal bonus compared to the other classes affected, Rogues' attack spells have not been changed.

Dopple Summons' Spells

  • Osamodas Dopple: Dopple spells have been updated in line with the new Osamodas spells.
  • Feca Dopple: The Bubble spell has been replaced by Cloudy Attack.
  • Sacrier Dopple: The Sacrier's Foot spell has been replaced by Assault.

Ancillary Changes

  • The maximum number of Summons can no longer exceed 6. Summons in their present state presented several problems within the game. Summoned in great numbers, they considerably slowed down the how long rounds lasts and very often behaved erratically. Moreover, they played only a minor role in PvM because of how fragile they were, especially at a high level. By providing them with more health points and greater durability, as well as allowing Osamodas to control them a minimum amount, we have given them enough impact in the game to make unreasonable numbers of them unnecessary in combat. → This change will not be available right away on the beta.
  • The impact of the Power characteristic has been reduced: 1 Power no longer equals 1 characteristic point but 0.8. This way, we want to give greater importance to the primary characteristics and reduce the need for the Power characteristic in multi-elemental game-mode equipment. It was too easy to achieve equivalent damage values using Power with or without too few concessions, thus making much equipment obsolete. In return, spells that procure Power will be slightly increased. Here is the list of spells concerned: Powerful Shooting, Wheel of Fortune, Mot Olov, Greed, Fortune, Power, Zatoishwan’s Wrath, Last Breath, Evolution, Capering, Ardour, and Psychopath Mask. → This change will not be available right away on the beta.
  • When the Chaferfu common spell is cast with a critical hit, the Summons no longer attacks its allies.
  • The spells of certain temple Dopples have been changed or replaced.

Changes to Certain Equipment


Healing weapons can now only be used in a line:


During balancing, we're seeking to strengthen the specificities and role of each class, and in particular, to diversify the classes that can play the healing/support role. Healing weapons were too powerful as they were and, in too many situations, they made it possible for a support class to be ignored without any real constraints. This change makes it more difficult to use them by sometimes encouraging more risk-taking in positioning without reducing their healing effect.

In turn, the range of the Boogey Wand and Archetypal Bow has been changed.

Changes to Class Sets

Masqueraider Class Set
  • Cloak:
    • The AP cost reduction has been replaced with an increase in the maximum number of uses/turn.

Osamodas Class Set
  • Headgear:
    • Toad: +30 CH → Bestial Heal +2 Range
    • Natural Resistance: +25 CH → Ghostly Claw +15 CH
  • Cloak:
    • Summoning of Bwork Magus: -1 recast interval → Summoning of Gobball: -1 recast interval
    • Animal Blessing: -1 recast interval → Crackler Punch Range +1
    • Bear Cry: +25 CH → Determination +25 CH
  • Belt:
    • Fangs of Boowolf: +25 CH → Deactivates line of sight for Feline Movement
  • Boots:
    • Crackler Punch: +1 Range → Summoning of Boar: +1 Range
    • Summoning of Prespic: No line of sight => Substitution: No LOS
    • Animal Healing: +30 Heals → Communion: -1 recast interval
    • High-Energy Shot: -1 AP → Favouritism: -1 AP
  • Rings
    • Summoning of Crackler: +1 Range → Deactivates straight-line casting for Gust
    • Ghostly Claw: +20 CH → Whip: -1 AP
    • Summoning of Gobball: +2 Range → Deactivates line of sight for Martyr
    • Feline Movement: +1 Range → Summoning of Koalak +1

Sram Class Set
  • Rings
    • Reduces the AP cost of Poisoned Trap by 1 → Increases the Range of the Sap Trap spell by 2
    • Reduces the recast interval of the Chakra Impulse spell by 1 → Deactivates the spell's straight-line casting

Sadida Class Set
  • Cloak:
    • Increases the Range of the Earthquake spell by 3 → Earthquake: -1 Range
  • Belt:
    • Reduces the AP cost of the Tree spell by 2 → Deactivates line of sight for the Tree spell

Feca Class Set
  • Headgear:
    • The recast time reduction for Barricade has been reduced: 2 → 1
  • Cloak:
    • Earth Shield: +30 CH => Is now: Rampart AP cost -1
  • Belt:
    • Glowing Shield: +30 CH → Shove Range +1
  • Rings
    • Aqueous Shield: +30 CH → Heroism: deactivates line of sight
  • Boots:
    • Wind Shield: +30 CH → Blindness +30 CH



What will happen to characters' characteristics whose thresholds are being changed?

A restat will be offered to the classes affected by these changes.

What will happen to the points of the spells that are being changed?

The spells being drastically changed will be reset to zero and you'll recover the points. Regarding the Osamodas class and on the understanding that this is a revamp, all spell points will be returned.

Why is the Sacrier class the only one that hasn't yet been tweaked since balancing started?

The Sacrier requires more substantial work in order to balance the class correctly while offering more-attractive gameplay. With all the other changes presented in this changelog, this work is unfeasible for now.

Besides Balancing

  • It is now possible to sort members of a guild who have been inactive for at least 1 month.
  • Items linked to an account or character no longer disappear from the inventory after an exchange.
  • Spells with a uses-per-turn limit are now grayed-out in the shortcut bar once the limit has been reached.
  • In order to avoid movement errors in combat, it is no longer possible to press a red movement cell.
  • The movement preview is now updated correctly after an enemy is thrown.
  • How MP and AP lost in the event of movement while the player is Locked are displayed is now correctly updated.
  • Lock cells are now displayed correctly and pathfinding has been optimized.
  • How shield points are displayed is no longer changed after logging out and back in.
  • It is now possible to collect bags of salt from the following monsters: Farle's Pig, Dorgan Ation, Blodz Uker, Pignolia and Dragon Pig.
  • It is now possible to collect barrels of water from the following monsters: Rat Tchet, Rat Suenami, Rat Bag, Black Rat, Rat Pakk, Rat Basher, White Rat, Rat Rah, Prat, Riffrat, Rugrat, Brat, Packrat, Ratter, Ratworm, Sphincter Cell.
  • The Scale King has been added to the list of bosses for the rotations of Ascension Island.
  • The Scaly monster family spells have been adjusted.
  • The following shields can now be used starting from level 1:
    • Starry Shield
    • Shiny Shield
    • Featherguard
    • 1001 Claws Shield
    • Green Ninja Pizzashield
    • Groom Shield
    • Imperial Virtuoso Shield
First Ankama intervention

Replying to ChillPemguin

Hi ChillPemguin,

The beta will cover much of summer. We can't provide a specific time now when it will be available in the live servers.


See message in context
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Score : 6

Gracias esperemos todo sea mejor con esta actualización y modificación de razas lo e estado esperando, ya que juego mucho solo en iPad, y cambio mucho de pjs buscando la mejor raza que sobreviva sola sin ayuda esperemos, que llegue pronto estoy muy emocionado Gracias.

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Score : 93

Is there a way in the beta to reset characteristics and spells for free? Otherwise it's kinda hard to test the changes..

Nevermind - found it

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Score : 1

When will happens this changes

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Hi ChillPemguin,

The beta will cover much of summer. We can't provide a specific time now when it will be available in the live servers.


Score : 2

The AP cost has been changed: 4 → 3
Damage has been increased at all spell levels.

the damage at lvl 6 used to be 26 to 30 and now it is 22 to 26 so it is decreased not increased?

0 0
Score : 2

is it true you're nerfing Power to be 0.8 all stats rather than 1?
This cripples Omni Sacs, and ruins my future set if so

I actually thought it was pretty fair. cause 1000 int gives 100 heal, but 1000 power doesnt.
no prospecting, pods, heal, lock/dodge.
In result im now skeptical on whether to invest in a Tread Fast set or not
as a Treadfast is 250 Power. but with the nerf, it'll only be 200

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Score : 16

Suerte de zurcarak necesita modificarse, debe ser como una versión en pc que primer turno cura siguiente daña x2, tendría un mejor uso. Y Feliacion debe tener golpe en diagonal!, ojalá hagan estos cambios :/

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Score : 24

I think sadida spell "doll knowledge" should still give summons cause it was already a limitation

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Score : 50

Holy crap a lot of new changes, awesome!

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Score : 16

Completely ruined my int Feca and caused me to waste millions of Kamas on int set

1 0
Score : 16

Please explain this design choice: Numbing Arrow - Replaces Poisoned Arrow.
As the benefit to picking Strength is that you can also do Neutral damage.
So why would you remove the only Neutral damage spell...

Considering it takes months to years to hit max level,
major redesigns like this will drive people away from this game again.
This is what drove people from Dofus to Touch in the first place...

1 0
Score : 73

Exactly, I don’t understand why they are making such a big ballance changes. #nochanges

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Score : 2

Will the power% bonus from xelor mummy spell also be adjusted? Don't see it in the list of power buffs that are being changed 

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Score : 1

A los enus, los dejaron por el suelo, en vez de "equilibrar" razas lo que hicieron fue montar algunas, disque para modo estratégico y los hps enus le quitan la estrategia??? Vaya actualización

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Score : 16

Después de nerfear los daños generales y la organización de algunos de los hechizos (hablo en general del sram) en serio piensan sumarle la reducción de daños generales a la mayoría de sus hechizos y trampas? están locos? en serio se hacen llamar programadores? en que estan pensando... se estan tirando la clase en general, estan mejorando los osamodas para que lo usen mas, se entiende, pero tienen que cagar la clase sram? por que no hay mas palabras, la están cagando, un sram es un DD tal cual yopuka, pero no veo cambios o reducción de daños a los yopukas que siempre quedan fuertes, pero si elijen dañar los daños de un sram, que genial... sigan dañando su juego al fin y al cabo lo hacen ustedes, pero ojala se preguntaran por el bienestar de su población y sobre mantenerla a gusto. tal vez por ustedes es que el juego se estanco y perdió tanta población y popularidad. un fraude total...

1 0
Score : -9

La verdad que nadie estaba pidiendo estos cambios, por lo mismo que todo vinimos a jugar dofus touch para recordar viejos tiempos, con los hechizos tradicionales que por si bien ustedes no lo saben nada es equilibrado en cuestión de daños entre los pj, pero eso es lo que lo hacia perfecto, no queremos que todos infrinjan daños del mismo modo por eso es la variedad de los personajes, unos curan y no pegan, unos infringen muchos daños pero exponen a ser lo primeros en morir(yop, zurka,etc) (otros tanques, escudos en fin, este es el verdadero equilibrio el verdadero balanceo, el que creo este juego, supo hacer bien las cosas y fue perfecto, pero los que los están administrando este patrimonio lo están haciendo bien mal, dejen las raíces de dofus, en su forma original, no lo hagan igual que al dofus de pc, que al verlo pierde toda la gracia del juego, vuelvo a repetirlo, las raza débiles entre comillas déjelas así ya que ellas al complementarse con otras se vuelven increíbles.
Reconsideren y no hagan esos cambios para eso existe el otro dofus el que quiera ver esos cambios juegue el otro juego pero este déjenlo tal cual como lo crearon a lo 1.29 el original por siempre!..
Lo imperfecto de es juego original lo convirtió en un juego perfecto.

1 -1
Score : -9 DOFUS 2.30 DOFUS 2.36 DOFUS 2.39

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Score : 49

So basically you are taking a signature spell of Enutrofs (Bribery) which is undoubtedly one of the defining spells of the class and is currently being used in a very versatile way in both pvp and pvm as both offensive and defensive  tool and completely butchering it. Great idea! 

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Score : 1

cada vez dañan mas el juego como hace unos años despues del 1,29, decepcionan , cada vez tendran menos jugadores

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Score : 1

"We gonna change Rouge."

Then rouge has no changes.

I dont get It.

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Score : 607

I understand the point regarding power however this devalues the dofus as well as a lot of the % power trophies... new trophies were not implemented last year due to complaints regarding this issue however this change directly decreases the value of the crimson dofus. Crimson drops rates were significantly reduced by making it 10x less likely to drop but now this power change devalues it’s worth and place as a dofus... are new trophies going to be provided to make better set choices over the power sets? Will the crimson dofus drop rate increase?

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